Time to build that land-speed record board!

Check out this article on the Harbor Freight Chainsaw.

Harbor Freight Lynxx Chainsaw teardown

Highlights: 10 Samsung 18650’s absurdly large 420Kv motor

I invite somebody (who has more time than me) to buy two of these and put together that fat land speed record machine or the ultimate offroader :slight_smile:

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Looks like the blower uses the same battery, maybe the same motor for $30 less!

it looks a bit big for a board, maybe a go kart?

The blower probably has a smaller, higher Kv motor - might be better.

I haven’t checked but the teardown says they have 20% off coupons for Harbor Freight in the Sunday paper. So that’s about $230 for two motors and 20 batteries.

the battery pack alone is $60, with that coupon you could get it for $48/10 = 4.80per cell kinda tempting!!

but actually I can’t tell are the cells welded/tabbed or just held in that plastic thing?

I checked the paper this morning and indeed there is a 20% off coupon for Harbor Freight.

No bms. Surprising to see on a complete product using high power and high voltage using lithium Harbor freight is awesome. They were giving away multimeters recently.