Tinboard Indiegogo Campaign Killed

Yesterday Tinboard launched an Indiegogo campaign for their carbon fiber two wheel and four wheel drive boards. They built some hype around their product which is an altered Winboard, or so they said. Today they cancelled the campaign, took down their website, took down their Youtube video and refunded their backers. Curious to hear what happened. Anyone have an update or other info?

Humm let me email Mr. Kovar and see if he replies

And there you go

I’m gonna assume this is a US based company. If so, do they even have rights for the product in the US? All they would have to do is not provide them with the hardware ya?

It ain’t us based Pete

“We rebranded and improved a chinese design?” Bahaha that’s code for we didn’t do shit except try to double our money doing nothing but making an indiegogo page,

Guaranteed! If you can find a product on alibaba in 5 seconds, or find 4 different variations on amazon, you aren’t going to be buying anything original. Chances are you won’t ever see the product or your money again.

What a joke.


Pretty much what Lou did I think. Take a winboard, throw away the deck, put a different deck on there. Lou board! She’s esk8 and bad grammar.

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Wrong, @Jinra, the Lou deck is pretty much the same, they didn’t even change that :wink:

Deck shape is the same, but I guess they added a grip



Out of curiosity. Of all the rebrand startups we’ve seen, have any actually delivered everything they promised? Which one hasn’t left people wading in a pool of wasted money?

I’ve seen some positive reception from Koowheel, Genesis, and Liftboard.

Isn’t this what Chinese companies do in the first place. Make knock offs?

The top two are from a board listed on Alibaba. The bottom is the Evolve gt. Remarkable similarities

Here’s another that bit the dust today @Sparki

What about that one ? https://www.aquacentrum.com/shop/tranceboard-carbon-33-6-electric-skateboard-hub-motors/ It’s also the GT-M6 with another name and higher price.

Looks like Tinboard is back. They are launching a new campaign on June 21st. The new board is belt driven. Can anyone identify the supplier. Looks like they found a new company to partner with. Curious to see the pricing and whose board they are rebranding.


one of the many suppliers for the board they are selling.

Only difference is they asked the supplier to rear mount the motors and put carbon fiber vinyl or something of sorts over the motors :slight_smile:

Tinboard Indiegogo campaign killed again. Looks like these guys can’t find anyone to partner with. They launched a new campaign on Wednesday and it has been taken down already.

Realistically one of the likely outcomes was they were probably going to take peoples money and run. The board was being sold at a loss due to the cost being over $500 even at 100+moq. Good thing they god shut down before people lose their money and get scammed.