Tips from all you perfectionists

Some of you guys/gals have some awesome builds. Like the attention to detail is incredible. Are any of you willing to give up any tips? I love my board but there are some super sexy builds on here. I have a 3d printer and time, (usually fixing stuff) and think others on here would like some suggestions as well. Functional and professional at the same time. How do you do it?

Not saying my board is a slouch or anything… But lacks that cool polish that so many of you have. 20180313_10202320180203_161246


Just rebuild it 100 times and max out all the credit cards.


Well I’m on deck number 3 and motor number 4 so far lol


Theres some things you can do

stuff for functionality


Stuff for looks - @sender @whitepony boards @SeanHacker recent board looks pretty good too


Play around on test objects first. For example, if you want to do a sweet wire routing setup like LHB does, do it on some spare 2 by 4 before trying it out on a deck. Along with that, practice practice practice. Practice soldering wire, practice drilling, practice SMD soldering, practice routing, etc…


Imo there should be a balance to how much work you should put in making it look pretty as a skateboard is meant to be ridden not to be shown about.

  • If it’s your first build focus on the build part first and worry about making it nice later.
  • Calculate twice, cut once.
  • Plan as much as you can.
  • Be as precise as you can when you measure things.
  • Draw a mock up of your design if you can’t imagine color’s in your head.
  • Doing things correctly usually takes twice the time.
  • Take inspirations from the community.
  • Try to hide screws wherever possible.
  • Try to not use too many colors, 2 are usually enough.
  • If you are attempting to use a new skill, try it on a old board or scrap first until you are satisfied with the results.

Of course once you start riding the board, it will very soon loose the new bling. A new grip tape can help a ton for the fresh look.


buy a @hummie deck and send it to @Sender :slight_smile:


That’s not a hummie deck tho :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nor is that Sender on the top right, but if you squint… you can kinda see both :wink:


really nice looking scheme whatever it is. …I’d like to do it to all of them. that design or something. maybe @sender wants to do 100. Lord knows people will swoop them up and they write me often.