Tips on motor and battery

I need a some help with some good and powerful motors as well as batterys to run them. I need powerful motors and batterys that will get me a good amount of range. Planing on building a e-mountian board. Thx

I’d suggest doing a search for MTB or just look in the builds category to see what others have done.

I’d suggest dual 190kv motors with a 10s4p battery pack. It’s a good combo that gives a lot of torque and will last a long time. I’ve seen people using 145kv motors with 12s3p and 12s4p packs, but that’s for a shit ton of torque.

The general rule is the lower the kv the more torque, the higher the kv the more speed, the more bolts the more speed and more batteries in parralel the more range and torque.

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look at some build here like @Nowind or @Duffman depending on how heavy you are and what mountains you wanna climb you need to adjust some things. A really high powered system: 12s high discharge lipos, 2x 149kv 6374, 2x 12s ESC (or maybe VESC 6) thats a hardcore setup. If you bring it down a bit, go with 8s lipos, 2x 190 kv 6374 and 2x Hobbywing EZRun 6.

Thx, When u say 12s and 8s do you men multipel batteries i series. How do you recommended to charge the lipos without taking the battery of board do you use bms or what?

do a bit more reading here, you´ll find all your answers if you use the search function :wink: