TIPS OR ADVICE - First Board Upgrade!

Hey guys!

I am looking to ‘upgrade’ my board from a non-functioning one to one that actually works. I have been reading and observing other peoples builds and have ended up with a rough plan to go forward. My area is hilly but also flat in places. My old board had chain drive (which is amazing BTW) so I’m sticking with that, and after reading this thread it’s going to stay that way for now:

For trucks I’m a bit stuck and need some advice. I could either drop ~$150 on 's 218mm truck or get a normal caliber 2 truck locally, for like $100 and lower. Keep I’m mind my build is a single drive system.

The wheels I have decided on are 83mm flywheels. This is because of this adapter I can use to attach my wheel Sprocket to the flywheel which I have sourced from the forum.

The Sprocket that match’s this adapter is below with the appropriate bore size and hole taps (some I will have to drill press some holes myself). Is this gearing ratio good? Would love to hear advice.

Wheel Sprocket: 04B Steel Chain Sprocket 6mm - 30T Custom Bore - 25mm Hole Size - M4 Tapped Holes

Motor Sprocket: 04B Steel Chain Sprocket 6mm - 12T Custom Bore - 8mm Hole Size - Pair M4 Tapped Holes

The motor mount I had decided on (but open to change) is the Boardnamics Caliber II Motor Mount. This mount is rated highly on the forum and is a steal for the price. Only thing is I am worried about the clearance underneath as the mounting system looks bulky (but very secure).

Lastly for the battery I am in the process of organising a 10s2p Samsung 25r battery pack (with bms of course). Anyone have any advice or objections to this, lemme know below.

Best advice I can offer is use 30q cells if you can afford the price difference. Higher bench tested discharge and less voltage sag.

What esc and remote are you rocking?


I’ve got a FOCBOX vesc (not the new one cos that’s dual) and my remote is just some random one I found on ebay

So what your saying is that’s the Samsung 30q continual discharge of 15A is incorrect or just proven it can be better than stated?

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Nice! Check out the avio mini remote mod for that remote. It adds a bit of extra throttle room in my opinion and feels very nice. This is mine for reference.


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