Tips replacing charging port on Boosted?

Anyone know what charging port Boosted uses, and/or have any tips on removing it? Its not easily accessible, and a solder joint failed on mine.

Send it in to boosted? They’re normally great w/ replacing broken parts. If you voided your warranty, you’d have to open the battery pack to solder a new lead onto it. Which would also void your warranty.

I believe it’s just a 2.1mm female DC socket.

I bought one for my DIY so I can use the boosted charger.

What end voltage is the Boosted charger?

54.4, just checked the charger. It’s a weird voltage because of the A123 cells.

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BMS seems to have a buck charging module

So it’s 15S LiFePO4?


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didn´t we have had this conversation before :thinking: :joy:

they charge with a higher voltage than the actual pack is.

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The XR pack is higher voltage though.

Too expensive to send back to Boosted just for a charging jack, the shipping alone would be pretty painful, and its a V1 which I dont think they’re supporting

@Moone, the jack has some sort of embedded switch so when you plug in the connector, the switch gets thrown, and the BMS knows the plug is in and disconnects the ESC. The problem is, I dont know if it is a normally open switch, or a normally closed switch, so I dont know what to replace it with.

But the real problem is, its really hard to get a pair of pliers in there. Hoping that someone here has done this before and knows a trick on how to get in there.