To those with bad feelings towards China.. [Documentary]

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a very interesting documentary about manufacturing in China that I found the other day. I’ve noticed that quite a few people on the forums seem to attach a stigma to Chinese products/services. Coming from a background of working with Chinese manufactures/shops, I think that some people’s view of China (for manufacturing and innovation) is pretty misguided and unfair. Not trying to start a big discussion on the morals of Chinese manufacturing, but I think this documentary shows an interesting side to what’s happening in Shenzhen and the rest of China.


Really great documentary. I watched it a couple days ago and it really changed my perspective on Chinese “copycats”.


Watching it right now, this is amazing so far. Might end up being my favorite Youtube documentary I’ve come across. Kind of want to visit Shenzhen now.

Edit: Just finished. That was really interesting. Made me give some respect to China and I’d definitely like to visit Shenzhen.

Watching now. Was just looking for a good documentary to watch. My opinions going in are not that everything in china is crap. But that there’s a culture of trying to pinch pennys to save on costs wherever possible to increase or even create a profit while keeping their customers price low. So much is produced in china these days that almost everything we use is made in china. I have a lot of very high quality stuff made in china, so you can’t say it’s all cheap crap. I will see how my opinion changes or is shaped by this.

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Considering all the shit talking we do here sometimes 'tis only fair to shed some light from the other perspective

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Enjoy! I found it really fascinating, if you like the style, you may also enjoy this short documentary (I found the Shenzhen one through it)

Not so much electronics related but they both go hand in hand.

We all get irritated and it’s too easy to blame China (I’m definitely a victim to it!), but I think those who constantly shit talk China may benefit a lot from watching it, it’s very insightful. My experience with made in China

ya ive seen this before. you dont get a good idea about china until you try to trade with them and/or develop products with them. they hide behind the simpleness of the fact they can hide themselves and take on zero accountability. The way they do business and manufacture products is like no other country to say the least. the documentary gives a great perspective

*One of your many experiences with made in China. We all use Chinese things every day. We get what we pay for in most cases

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