Today i stepped foot on my first evolve, the new GTR

Quietness is FOC vs BLDC or belt vs hub. Heavy people like myself generally like belts. The biggest problem with the Ranger is the deck being on the thin side. I’m getting that fixed by Tim/Sender

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I think both boards run FOC no? And yes the backfire being hubs is probably why its so damn quiet and smooth. Its a good inch lower ride hight than the evolve, I much prefer the trucks too, I normally hate DKP but loved the ranger. The evolve didnt wow me like a “premium” board should. Neither board is a true AT board, they dont gave enough power, but for cutting about the shitty streets of London I choose ranger. Luckily I dont have to choose either as I have a trampa, but still.

The way DIY people sees it, evolve is basically $1,000 too much and Ranger is probably worth $600 (that’s with profit). Neither of them would be “premium” by our standards. Style wise I love the Carbon because to the streamlined look. I wish the Ranger didn’t have a split enclosure, flexible battery and less deck flex.