Today i stepped foot on my first evolve, the new GTR

Went on a group ride today and i got to try out one (two) of those evolve GTR’s… so very first step i ask if it is sensored. I got told to kill the battery if i can. I hit the throttle and 2 feet After, the board disconnects, tosses me off gently and begins to smoke from the usb port :man_facepalming: My very first experience on an evolve was off to a great start. I felt really bad but instead of being upset they just gave me another gtr to try out. After riding it around a bit successfully this time, I have to say… Not a bad board! I really like the carbon fiber deck. The power is definitely lacking compared to my diy but it would have been awesome to have as my first board. I really liked the control but HATED the trucks. They were so fidgety and they acted squirly while accelerating. I get the turning ability is vastly improved but i like going fast…im still curious as to what happened to the first board.

This was an action packed group ride. Someone experienced why diyeboards trucks are shit first hand. That guys wheel caused another rider to bail as well. Shout out to @Arzamenable!!! Great dude with some great Esk8 knowledge!


how did it feel power wise? i know they use some pretty small motors. did they get hot? or do they have thermal monitoring

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They have monitoring. Good power but again, i set my board to be pretty powerful.motors seemed fine. We were riding on grass to test them. I never touched the motors tho


Where was that? Sydney?

Nah. San Diego

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the Donger skating san diego with his bro :wink: Quote from an old school skate movie. I think it was in “shackle me not” from H-street hahahahaha

Shit was so fun, we gotta have a group ride every week, we got a lot of guys here in SD

We can loop around Black’s Beach :wink:

When I was coming up the paved portion of the bluffs, some dudes were doing some killer non electric down hilling with pucks. One dude crashed straight into a guard rail. Definitely want to push my board to the limit going up that steep shit.

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Haven’t you like never ridden a board before

I also rode a bamboo GTR yesterday with an AT kit on, here are my thoughts

  1. It’s really high off the ground
  2. It’s slow
  3. The brakes are poor and the brake control does nothing for 80% of its travel
  4. It’s meh

I also rode a Backfire ranger which I thought was so much better


image image

The Park Ranger is better!?

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What is the seller of those trucks?

Ahh, good ole whales vagina.


So if I offered you a choice between a backfire and an evolve, you would take the backfire?

@Mikenopolis, you’ve ridden both, right? I think the GTR would be a great buddy board, albeit an expensive one.

Ouch. What trucks are those and was the rider injured? The axle looks like crappy pot metal.

Fairly certain it was this.

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@Bobby I get a kick out recognizing fellow forum riders in real life solely by recognizing their board. :joy:

It’s gift I have. I guess I’m on esk8 autism spectrum.


Ahh hell no. If the comparison is the backfire vs evolve AT. I’ll take the Evolve if price wasn’t the issue. Use it for a year or two then swap things out. The Ranger would go into the trash after that long. Don’t get me wrong. I like the Ranger, but’s it’s boring. heavy large hub motor with thin rubber means the hub cover plate gets banged up quick.

Absolutely the backfire all day. The DKP trucks are so much nicer than the evolve, much more confidence inspriring. The board is super smooth and quiet, the quietest board I have ever (not) heard. I just loved it, everything about it was great.

Opinions are like arseholes, we all have one. I have bearly ridden either board and cant account for durability, but from a stand on this board and ride it for 5 mins I think the backfire is a nicer board