Toddler Wagon wired remote options?

For my “Toddler Wagon” project I need some kind of remote to work a bit like a motorbike or a lawnmower. Simply a wired remote. Do we have any options to connect a remote wire to the vesc? Has someone done a wired remote before?

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I don’t think there have been any recently, kind of a thing of the past. I think your best bet would be a wiiceiver but instead of a Nyko Kama use a regular wired nunchuck. You could probably even tear the electronics out of the nunchuck and make a custom housing.

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Thats already a good idea, if the connection works the same way as a Nyko Kama does?!

Have a look at what options are available for E-bikes and E-scooters. Most of the controllers for them are wired afaik.

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good idea, i´ll check that out!

The “ADC” control on the VESC will let you use anything with a pot. Most throttles for e-bikes should work or pedals.

You could hack a servo tester

I have a kickboard I made for my then 7 year old son. I used a servo tester and an electric motorcycle throttle twist grip.

You could also buy a wiimote board from austin david and plug a wired nunchuck into it.

I built a VESC powered scooter/skateboard contraption for my 5 year old (now 6 year old) and used the ADC inputs for throttle and brake. I ended up using the two thumb throttles I linked in the original thread- one for go, one for slow. The braking thumb throttle over-rides the throttle and it works great. Using the braking button with a single throttle works very well, but you have to remember to fully release the throttle before you hit the button or you go ass-over-teakettle :joy:

So there are a few options! Thx guys :slight_smile: Servo tester is a good idea!