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Too flexy for the SPACE cell enclosure?

Hey everyone. Just wanted some different opinions on whether or not this deck would be too flexy for the space cell and its enclosure. It doesn’t flex much at all when standing, but does a little bit when jumping on it. Probably worth mentioning I’m 180 pounds.

Yeah I think that is, it’s like a vanguard, in the street it will bounce around.

IMO…Too flexy for any enclosure. Unless the enclosure is designed to add significant structural reinforcement to the deck.

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You could try keep your enclosures to the ends of the board less flex there

Space Cell spans the length and width of the board. Guess I’ll have to get a new board :frowning:

you could gut the battery and reassemble it if you are that attached

or you could lay one or two layers glass fibre on the bottom,
then it will be very stiff.

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don’t have the equipment or know-how for that. It’s all good I’m probably going to pick up this deck I’ll probably sell my current one to a friend or on here :slight_smile:

That is good.
But to be honest, it is not rocket science to glass a board ^^

Yea I’m sure I could learn it easily, problem is I don’t want to spend more money on materials and equipment I’ll probably never use again.

Actually since @torqueboards has one, do you have input on this Dexter?

Yeah, I’ve been riding mine for a while now. My packs seem to work well with it. I purposely flex the deck on turns and it’s held up great. I’ve begun to like the flex deck.

Do you have an enclosure/battery that spans the length of the deck, and, if so, have you had any issues with that?

No, haven’t used an enclosure for it yet. It’s just velcro’d to the deck for testing. I wrapped a few thick velcro across the span and bolted it to add as additional support. So this deck I don’t ride in the rain :slight_smile:

Hm, I’m just going to go with the conclusion that the full length enclosure will probably be damaged if I use it with this deck then. Thanks for the input!