Too wide chineese wheels with gear for Caliber II


I bought these wheels:

And the ones with gear on it are too wide to fit my caliber ii trucks. Any of you had similar problem? Is there any workaround except asking turner for help?


Have you put in the bearings and spacers?

cut your hanger - it’s what had to be done to use enertion pulleys with the extra bearing since like forever and can easily be done by hand.

Yes I have

I hate to destroy brand new trucks, I thought about finding turner and asking him to bore little deeper into the wheel. But don’t know if that could be easily done.

just do as i say. It’s not hard.

I know it’s not hard just want to find more elegant solution.

you could get torqueboard extended trucks

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There is none. You can’t change the wheel so it has to be the truck. The time you spent discussing this would have been enough to cut your hanger. The hanger will not look “new” 10 seconds into your first ride anyway. Just cut it.

Or even more elegant wait for @torqueboards new precision cnc wide trucks

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might be some people selling to upgrade also if u lucky maybe snatch then up.


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I’ve spent about the same amount of money on bushings as the cost of TB trucks they are a really good solution.

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