Top 10 fastest electric skateboard

About The Fastest Electric Skateboards

Here are 10 of the best performing skateboards on the market.Having a powerful engine and a smooth aerodynamic design is what all of these have in common.If you’re an adrenaline junkie, the following choices will help you determine what you want and why! Remember, these are high-performance ultra-fast skateboards.Wearing proper protective measures is the key to personal safety.If you want to learn more about electric skateboards, why not check out our Meepo boards, Evolution Boards and Torrent boards review articles.

Next Board by NGV

If you’re looking for something really amazing, you’ll want the next board made by NGV. This skateboard won the Guinness World Record for the fastest electric skateboard. It delivers a truly high-end experience, moving into the higher-end price tier. Starting at $2995, the NGV Next Board is an aerodynamic engine that feels like an airplane under your feet.


  • The key features of any high-speed board should have is build, safety, and speed statistics. The Next Board by NGV has one of the most amazing and high tech carbon fiber body frames. These are sleek, durable, and extremely high quality. If you are into downhill longboarding, look no further than this electric skateboard.
  • Speaking of speed, it depends on the battery pack you’re using.This electric skateboard has different speed levels.Each range depends on the power level of the battery.Here is the speed range, and you can get this power, depending on the battery usage:
    • 4S battery, you can get a top speed of 22mph or 36kmph.
    • 6S battery, you can get a top speed of 35mph or 55kmph.
    • 8S battery, the board can achieve a top speed of 47mph or 75kmph.
    • 12S battery, you can expect it to reach up to 68mph or 110kmph.
  • The board is capable of varying the battery installation.So you can expect the range and performance to vary depending on the battery.That’s why, like performance, its range on a single charge depends on the battery Settings, as shown below:
  • With a standalone 6S battery, you can expect the Next Board by NGV to last up to 10 miles or 16km.
  • With two 6S batteries in series, the board can give you a range of up to 20 miles or 32km in a single charge. These considerations are at an average speed that you can reach with a 6S battery setup- 17mph or 27kmph. For further extended ranges, it depends on the battery setup and performance as well as speed.
  • As this board is more of a racing/high-speed personal vehicle, you can expect it to tolerate up to 25 degrees of hilly area ascent at approximately 15mph or 24.2kmph. So, going uphill can be just as exhilarating as going downhill on the Next board by NGV

Board Quality And Weight Tolerance

  • The quality of cardboard is also unmatched in material, design and weight.It has an aerodynamic smooth shape.The sheet is made of carbon fibre.The electrical part is not exposed to natural elements.Everything is inside the board to prevent physical damage and exposure of water and dust.The next generation board also weighs a staggering 7kg (not including batteries), as the weight can vary depending on the weight of the battery…
  • The next plate by NGV also has a maximum weight tolerance of 140kg. It also has regenerative braking. This electric skateboard is among the best not only in durability but also in power performance.


  • The board has multiple motors and a total power output, so it is about 10kW.Because of this, it gives each high performance skateboard a worthy price.
  • The belt-mounted motor in the Carvon EVO 4WD makes it easy to reach speeds up to 50 MPH or 80 km/h.Safety devices are necessary at this speed.Its long board style design also makes it perfect for traveling up and down hills.A skateboard can climb up a slope of 25 degrees without sweating.
  • The battery pack installed at Carvon EVO 4WD is as capable and high quality as any other board.This helps the board rise to 25 miles or 40 kilometers, even at a high speed of 50 miles per hour.This unparalleled performance is not something you can easily find.
  • The board also has durable 107 mm polyurethane wheels.These make it possible to reach super fast speeds and give you a reliable and safe ride.The hardness and high quality of these polyurethane wheels make them last thousands of miles.In addition, due to the belt type direct drive system, this board provides high speed mute.

Carvon EVO 2WD Falcon

If you want a very fast electric skateboard without breaking the bank, go to the Carvon EVO 2WD Falcon. You can call this the predecessor of Carvon 4WD. Although this electric skateboard has 4WD features, its performance is slightly lower. Nonetheless, it still ranks high on our list of the fastest electric skateboards on the market.


  • The Carvon EVO 2WD Falcon shares a similar design, except for some differences, Carvon 2WD.The descending deck style makes handling and stability easier when chasing the wind at high speed. The board can easily reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour or 48.3 kilometers per hour. With its powerful direct drive with free motors, it is incredibly stable.
  • The Carvon EVO 2WD also has impressive battery life.The range is 15 miles or 24 kilometers on a single charge.Considering its high speed, this range is incredibly impressive.You don’t even want to leave the skateboard.
  • This board may not be the best choice for steep mountain roads.Its powerful engine also allows it to climb up to 15 degrees.The dual motors placed in the front and back of the board not only make it fast and stable, but also give great speed and control.
  • The 90mm polyurethane wheel further improves its speed and durability.They also give you a shockless, vibration-free ride.In addition, regenerative braking features include further improvements in efficiency and overall performance.It will give you a long time to pause and recharge.

Baja Board G4X

If you are looking for a more off-road experience, the Bajaboard G4X is the perfect choice. With its suspension system and sleek, powerful design, the Bajaboard G4X is every off roader’s dream.


  • The Bajaboard G4X has a metal frame to support its wooden deck.The entire chassis is further strengthened by a suspension system.As an off-road electric skateboard, this board has everything to give you a smooth, stable, high-speed ride.Also, the maple deck is removable if you need to clean or replace anything.
  • The 254mm off-road tires and all-terrain design enable dirty roads and sloping hillsides to be covered with breezy Bajaboard G4X.With a four-motor system on each wheel, the board offers unparalleled performance.Bajaboard G4X can climb up a slope of 45 degrees.This is very rare on electric skateboards.
  • In addition, Bajaboard G4X also has two battery variants (550Wh and 900Wh).The range is 13.5 miles and 21 miles on a single charge.Then you can have a carefree adventure.

Performance & Motor

  • The most important feature of an off-road electric skateboard is its performance.This board can reach 37 miles per hour or 60 kilometers per hour.Considering that this is an all-terrain electric skateboard, this is impressive.In addition, thanks to its advanced alloy chassis, it can withstand street environments that can weigh up to 160kg or 350kg for users.
  • The belt drive motor makes the cardboard more stable. Regenerative braking is the top cherry.This makes the board more effective because it makes the stop smoother.The board also weighed 25 kilograms.So it takes special effort to travel with it.Safety lamps are mounted on front and rear panels to ensure user and traffic safety.You can easily traverse any environment.

Enertion Raptor 2.1

This board is stylish and combines function with incredible performance. It is a premium electric skateboard that has one of the best battery lives at high performance.

  • The Enertion Raptor 2.1 has a short tail, metal handle and smooth one-piece design.This board has a premium metal look, with one of the best and most durable board designs you can buy.
  • In addition, the battery life is impressive, reaching 40 kilometers or 25 miles.The board pack also includes a quick charger so you spend less time charging and more time on the road.The huge battery also stands out enough to give the electric skateboard a slightly bulky underside.
  • The Energy Raptor 2.1 also has an ultra-fast high speed of up to 50kph or 31mph.This makes it perfect for downhill skating and other high performance activities.The regenerative braking system further enables its longer service life.It also makes boards more efficient.
  • It also has impressive 90 mm wheels.Those wheels support this source of power through its performance.They may also have a vibration and shock – resistant riding experience.In addition, it has hub motors instead of belt-driven motors.Because of this, the wheels rely on raw power from the motor, making them faster than the belt drive system.
  • Energy Raptor 2.1 also weighs 12 kg.Therefore, it is not suitable for daily commuting.But its long stretches are ideal for travel and high adrenaline activity.

Fiik Spine

This is one of the fastest electric skateboards in the world. The Fiik Spine has a simple carbon flex deck that may not look enticing at first but is incredibly capable.


  • The weight of the carbon fiber deck is about. 825G and given a smooth and lightweight frame to the Fiik spine. It packs everything inside to provide an amazing and long-term performance. The main surface like the underside of the spine is the part that gives it flexibility and durability.
  • The Fiik spine has an amazing belt-driven motor.They have high torque and stable board to give you a good, safe, high-performance ride.With regenerative braking, it becomes more efficient.It also helps to accelerate and decelerate better…
  • Reaching 30 MPH or 48 km/h is a great and high speed using downhill skateboards and other activities.The long board frame makes it perfect for traveling as it gives you a better balance in hilly areas.
  • In addition, the Fiik Spine also has a 25 km range.It only takes 2 hours to fully charge.This gives you more freedom to stay on the ride and enjoy the road instead of sitting near the charger.
  • Since Fiik Spine has a long frame design, its durability is the first issue you might think of.However, the spine structure and the engineered adjustment plate, it can tolerate up to 220 pounds.Or 100 kilograms.

Meepo AWD Pro

Photo from Meepo

The Meepo AWD Pro is one of the few electric skateboards under a $1000 budget. It delivers excellent performance and quality. The Meepo AWD Pro is one of the most simplistic, durable, and stylish looking boards on this list too.


  • The Meepo AWD Pro can reach a top speed of up to 34mph or 55kmph. This is due to one of the best hub motors that you can find in an electric skateboard. Getting this much output out of a single 4 hub motor system is commendable and praiseworthy.
  • The Meepo AWD pro can reach a range of up to 15 miles or 24.2km on a single charge. This gives the board big plus points, as it is in the under $1000 budget.
  • The sleek and simple Canadian maple and bamboo frame of the deck make this board durable and lightweight. It is also portable due to the handles attached. Most importantly, it’s stable even when it runs at incredibly high speeds.
  • The board can also withstand up to 136 kg or 300 lbs of user weight. It also has great performance and control when braking downhill and rushing uphill.
  • The Meepo AWD Pro can climb gradients up to 35 degrees and the acceleration to reach a top speed is 2.5 seconds.

XTND Board Dual:

This is the true next-gen electric skateboard. It comes with the capabilities of AI and Machine learning. The XTND Board is not only fast but incredibly stylish as well.


  • The XTND Board has a sleek black design made of aero grade materials like carbon fiber and titanium. It gives the board its lightweight design as well as simple and durable functionality.
  • It can also reach top speeds up to 28mph or 45kmph. This is due to its powerful brushless 1800 W motor. All this combined with the miracles of machine learning and AI makes the XTND Board a self-navigating, high-end electric skateboard.
  • XTND Board Dual also has amazing battery life. It can last up to 12.5 miles or 20km with all of its features, and high speed. Moreover, it can also ride a hill gradient of up to 20 degrees. Due to this, it makes the board not only fast and long-lasting but also good for traveling outside your town too. The best part is that its battery can also charge completely within an hour.
  • Along with the high performance, the XTND Board is also one of the most lightweight boards out there. It weighs 3 kg or 6.6 lbs without the battery pack included in the board setup.
  • Moreover, the safety lights make this electric skateboard a futurist skateboard. It also comes equipped with every technological ability you can throw at it. It has wireless fast charging, self-learning, and app control.

Flex E-2.0

The Flex E-2.0 is a sleek and sturdy electric skateboard. It has a similar design to the Fiik Spine mentioned above. The board is flexible enough to give you a great customizable riding experience. It has interchangeable tires and three-speed modes.


  • The 2400W battery makes both riding uphill and at higher speeds a breeze. The board can easily go up to 27mph or 43kmph with the 110mm wheels. As the wheels determine the riding experience, the speed can also depend on the wheel setup. With the 83mm wheels, it can go up to 25mph or 40kmph.
  • It can also climb uphill to 25-degree gradients. With its dual 1200 W motors, going downhill and uphill is as easy as going fast on a level street.
  • The Flex E-2.0 also measures about 91 cm by 27 cm or 31.3 in by 10.5 in. It gives you ample space to position yourself for the best high-speed performance.
  • The large battery life also means a longer charging time in this case. The board can take up to 6 hours to charge completely. However, you can cut this time into half with the quick charger option. The regenerative brakes also make it more efficient, making it last longer once you charge it and are on the go.

Evolve Bamboo GT Series:

The best part about choosing an Evolve electric skateboard is you can choose between the street and all-terrain variants for the same board. This means you get a variable experience of riding these high-quality skateboards with the same sleek build quality.


  • The dual 1500 W motors make it possible for the board to reach high speeds up to 26 mph or 42 kmph with the street tires. On the other hand, with the all-terrain tires, you can expect to go up to a high speed of up to 22 mph or 36 kmph.
  • With the street tires, the Evolve Bamboo GT can go up to 31 miles or 50km on a single charge. An all-terrain environment means a range of up to 19 miles or 30 km. The same 504Wh battery powers both variants, you just change the tires. The board also takes a considerable 4-5 hours of charging time.
  • The board also weighs differently with different tires and motor:
    • With the street tires, the board weighs around 22 lbs. or 10.3 kg.
    • With the all-terrain wheel set up, the board weighs 25 lbs. or 11.3 kg.
  • The Evolve Bamboo GT Series also comes with regenerative braking. This makes it much more efficient and capable to last longer at the high speeds it offers.
  • Moreover, you can also use the Evolve Bamboo GT for going up and downhill. However, keep in mind that gradient tolerance relies on the wheel system in place.
  • The street wheels variant can tolerate up to 30 degrees gradient in hilly areas
  • The all-terrain setup can tolerate up to 25 degrees in hilly and rough areas.
  • 97mm street wheels give the board vibration-free riding experience. It also has a fast and reliable belt drive support. The board deck is also very flexible and durable because of the sleek and durable wooden maple board.
  • The belt drive system is behind the board’s good handling, braking, and quick and safe acceleration. Moreover, the board is perfect for people looking for a lightweight and durable electric skateboard. get more info
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OMG 68mph on a mountainboard? No thanks.

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at the point where an evolve and meepo come in at the top 10 fastest boards im gonna just have to call you wrong

also if you dont go for the official record then @MoeStooge has the fastest time i believe just he wasnt able to organize guinness to come in for the official record

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I get stopped all the time. Mostly to ask what the hell is that where did I get it and tell me to be careful. That’s usually when I’m testing crap.


Big Sur Dual Hub Electric Mountain Board (25 MPH Max Speed) from Venice Longboards.

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