Top speed help!

Hey guys my top speed is really bad…

It will go about 12 mph… What gear ratio should I change it to?

With 6S, you should target at 260kv motor and 16/36 gear ratio.


I have this motor diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/motor-6374-190kv-3150w/

Then go with 10S battery and 16/36. Or you can keep the reduction ratio, but then, you will need to go with 12S battery.

48 teeth on the wheel pulley is quite a lot, which wheels are you using?

If it has plenty of tork you can up your wheel size or motor gear

I’m using these wheels

How many teeth should i go with would 40 be way to much?

If you don’t need extreme torque, 15/36 is usually pretty good. Since you have 18 on the motor, around 39/40 might be a good fit.

Ok thanks man!

those are the wheels I have for my build, but I have a 130kv motor 3200 watts at 80 amps, 15t/36t gear drive set up . those wheels were chosen for the rough roads around my area anything smaller and id end up ass over tea kettle and prolly break my ear lol. but ur gearing is way way off imo remember its my opinion…i am not perfect nor do I know everything lol. I know nothing except having fun without twisting my baby toe in a crash .

ur chart shows 83 mm but the wheels shown are 97mm , might confuse people trying to help…just my opinion .

Oh crap i put the numbers in wrong ill change it in a minuter

if u need 260kv i have a nearly new sk3 with mesh braid around the wires. Will sell for 55 shipped

Hey man thanks for the offer but my motor is brand new and im over budget so i cant afford any thing. Thanks though!

No worries glad to help

25 is fast enough to begin with as a start, if you hit a pole at 25 straight on you’re done.