Top wheels for E-boarding

I’m currenly looking into a few wheels:

Do you have experiance with one of these ? Please tell us what you found was good/bad about them. If you have some other wheels, feel free to inform us about them too.

Regards :wink: !

Kegel 80a forever <3


i have kegels and pulleys for sale is you’re interested :slight_smile:

Already have the pulley, also i need to purchase from within EU… hate the import duties

no problem, good luck!

The Orangatang kegel is a fine wheel. Rides pretty smoothly.

I personally felt like the enertion power wheel is too hard of a duro. Sometimes, I felt like questioning “Am I riding my normal board or a long board?”, cause the road vibrations go right through them to your board and thus your feet.

The Abec 11 on the other hand is a dream wheel. I felt like I was riding on clouds lol. It’s upper smooth and nice to ride.

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Wishing* my Raptor came with the softer Abec’s (or if this had been an option at checkout). Which density Flywheels are you using/do you recommend, the 75a/78a/81a’s?

78a. They are great wheels imo.

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Evolve gt wheels are great too, though a bit overpriced

78a seems pretty low, what is the lowest duro meter you’ll go ? Cause I’d think that a lower durometer = less stability on higher speeds ? (or more since you’ll glide better over pebbles etc?)

@ikjahaa Here’s a link to some great flywheels clones for cheap. 80A Durometer and a variety of colors! Check em’

“.com” :disappointed_relieved:

import duties are pretty high from US to EU…

those have thicker spokes which wont work with most abec pulleys unless you file it down. Compare to the real deal.


currently i still have the older enertion pulley…

Can’t even ship to those to EU

usually your pulley will determine your wheel (if you have a pulley already).

I typically prefer the Abec Flywheel and clones - simply for flexibility. Able to run 76-83-90-97 all w/ the same wheel gear!

I have both the clone 83’s on GF’s board, and ran the legit flywheel 97’s. I feel like the clones are a bit harder duro, but not by much. Breaking them in they ride great. I have some kegels too and should have some gears for them to try and compare.

Duro is only part of the equation - size of wheels makes a huge difference depending on the surfaces you plan to skate (super smooth or rough/cracks/beat-to-crap roads). Good shock pads or risers and setting up with correct bushings (for your weight) all help!


I get the flywheel clones plus bearings for 24 bux. You cant beat the price!

You are still selling those? I thought u sold them

Nope, no takers yet :frowning:

90mm 78A Flywheels. Definitely the “real deal”. Can’t beat em’

80/83mm wheels are fine for shorter rides and shorter pavement, but if you ride for hours and have a little more varied terrain, I rec going with 90’s. They damp the vibrations a little more and can handle little rocks and bumps better. Expansion joints too.