Topkek | Vanguard Flex 2 | Single APS 6355 190kv | Caliber 2 trucks |10s LiPo (?) | VESC

Hey guys and girls (if any)

First of all I would like to say thank you to all you lovely people here, I can’t believe how helpful and nice this community is, it’s truly inspiring and refreshing and I am so glad to be part of this movement. :slight_smile:

Ok, enough with the ass kissing already :smiley:

I’m going to use the board to go to work, and to have some fun as well in my free time. I would like a range of 15-18 km and a top speed of 30 km/h < rough estimates.

This is my plan of attack, feel free to give your opinion/advice

Board : Vanguard 42’’ flex 2 Trucks : Caliber II 10" 44 Degree Two Tone Red Shockpads : Khiro Flat - Height : 1/8" Bearings : Biltin bearings (8x608, ABEC 7) Screws : 29mm gold screws Wheels : 90mm 75a flywheels

Motor : 6355 190kv 2200W Alien Drive Systems Electric longboard DIY kit 63mm motor Belt and pulleys - 15mm 15/36 gearing VESC I will probably get from although it’s freaking expensive…I would get one from @chaka but it costs $60 to ship to Europe + eventual import tax, which is a deal breaker for me Transmitter : nano controler which I might exchange for a mini controller, since I heard the later one is more reliable Anti spark : from

Battery : I don’t know yet. I would really like to build my own 18650 pack, but I don’t have the money to invest this much in a spot welding station at the moment… Also, I would like to make my own enclosures as well, but again, price would add up like crazy, since I don’t own ANY tools

So, since building my own pack is out of the question atm (maybe do it next year), I was thinking to go with 2 x turningy 5s 5000mah 25c batteries, and get the enclosure for them from the marketplace… this one

I’m currently waiting for the motor and drive kit from APS, Bruno said they’ll be sent in a couple of weeks or so. I still need to buy the battery, the enclosures, VESC, anti spark and various connectors (XT60, some 10 awg cable, soldering station, etc)

So yea, this is basically my plan. What do you peeps think?

I will post more pictures as soon as I make some progress, at the moment I only finished assembling the board :slight_smile:


Looks solid. I can say that I had success in building my own spot welder out of a microwave oven transformer to build my 18650 pack, if you’re feeling adventurous :astonished:

Thanks but atm I’m not feeling that adventurous. hehe

Turing’s are good Lipos but I would recommend getting higher C rating if you can. You’ll get more power and longer range with higher C. Try to get some 40c-60c I’m using turnigy 60c lipos and they are amazing! Also you can get a nice ABS enclosure from @psychotiller

Higer C doesn’t mean longer range. 3S 20C vs 3S 30C will have the same range given they’re both 5000mah, you will just be able to pull 150A from the 30C compared to 100A from the 20C, Given the VESC can handle max 200A from the battery 40C would be the usable limit.

looks very much like my own vanguard, flex 2 aps 15/36, abecs (now trampa), 10s4p diy battery, its by miles my favourite board. there is ONE thing I would change for your deck: use caliber 50s or ronins instead of 44s! the vanguard wheelbase is gigantic and youre not even aiming at my 48kph topspeed (which is no problem for the flex2) - my maneuverability was horrible at low speed.

ronins were a game changer for me, stable at high speed, very agile at low speed!

I would order from @psychotiller but he is based in the US, and I’m in Europe. I’d rather stay as domestic as possible when ordering parts.

@Namasaki I’m still looking around when it comes to the battery, still haven’t figured out which to get.

it does look similar to your build @whitepony, I wonder why :smile:

I will test and see what I like and what I don’t like about the board, and upgrade accordingly. I’ll probably get the ronins too, as my second upgrade after a custom 18650 battery. For the time being these caliber 44 will have to do (I am a complete beginner when it comes to longboarding).

I know you have a lot of experience with this, would you say it’s worth splashing the cash on a VESC ?

I’ve tested and proven my theory by comparing 5ah/25c Lipos with 5ah/60c Lipos. The science is this: Higher C rating means less voltage sag under load. So a higher avg voltage is maintained and because of that, less amps are pulled from the battery. Since less amps are used, the battery lasts longer, the same way it does when you cruise flat and don’t climb hills or accelerate too much or run higher voltage like 10s vs 6s.

that is why people should use bigger batteries. Same thing with 18650 if you compare a 10s3p vs a 10s4p, you get effectively more range per Wh because of smaller sag at the bigger one.

Where do you buy such battery?

I can only find 6s for this kind

I see, hobby king has limited selection for 5s. I actually used five 2s 5ah 60c packs in series with an onboard BMS and I use a simple 42v charger.

Guys, I need some help.

I want to make myself a 10s4p 18650 Samsung 25r battery pack but I don’t know how to charge it. :blush:

Keep in mind that it will be a split battery, to not affect the Vanguard’s flex. So basically a 4s4p battery will be on one side, and a 6s4p battery on the other side, like you see in the drawing

I also don’t want to use a BMS for stealth reasons. Any ideas about how I should tackle this?

Does this look like a correct layout?

check out @whitepony he did this before and is not using a bms either

Thanks Tarzanhbk.

Guys, I finally finished this built. It works great so far, a bit on the noisy side to be honest…

I am tempted to try FOC and maybe reduce the noise a bit, at lower speeds it gets really annoying. Not so much at higher speeds.

In the end I opted for a split 10s4p 18650 Samsung 25r battery, it perfoms great, can’t complain really.

Also, I went for the classic XT90 anti spark.

All I have to do now, is to improve cable management a bit, and to change grip tape from transparent to black vicious grip tape and maaaaaaaybe in the future, add another motor.

Top speed today 41.5 KPH which is great, and I feel anything above this is just asking for trouble. Breaking is a bit weak, probably because of the single motor, but if I ride carefully I guess I should be fine.

Quick question for someone who might know

Does the belt movement look ok to you? And the noise it makes?

Here is a longer vid from today’s ride

Pictures of the board would be nice :smiley:

Pictures would be nice yes :slight_smile:

How’s the range on the 10s4p?

I’ll post some pictures soon.

The range is huge, I spent 2.5h riding and I got home with 35% left. Could’t ride any longer, my left leg was completely numb and it got really uncomfortable so I called it a day.