Toque esc,focbox unity, 220kv psychotillers, evolve trucks and wheels

Please Delete!!! Sold

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In Europe?

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@JohnnyMeduse if I purchased this unity could I ship it to you to fix the drv? And how much would that cost just wondering

USA only I’m sorry

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There is No difference to you shipping out side the states or is there, we ship to the states why can’t you ship out

Because the post office makes me do a long custom form


Ok that fair

wtf, it also costs more to ship it across an ocean? -_-

But we pay for it

Evolve wheels are sold

Is the VX1 still available?

Yes it is.

Would you take 100$ for the unity?

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Usually $60 I spoke with a few of the guys who does repairs and that’s their quote

Wouldn’t take 100$???

Is the VX1 gone? If not, I’ll take it.

No thank you

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Yes I still have it

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The unity still available?

Yes sir it is