Torque Boards 5055 280kv Sensored Motor For Sale!(SOLD)

I’m selling a used Torque Boards motor, I had for my first 8s build. I have since moved on and have no use for it anymore.

This is a sensored 5055, 280kv(I found to be more around 260kv) great little motor. On 6s I got about a 24mph top speed and on 8s, it was just around 30mph(90mm wheels, 16:36). It has a long shaft, with a keyway slot(keyway itself not included) and flatspots. To date, it is my most efficient motor, giving me around 12wh/mi. I only weigh about 130lbs and I used it as a single motor board, which for me worked just fine. Also, if you plan to use the sensor function on a vesc, ill include the connector you could solder onto the current one to be able to plug into vesc. Other than scratches from normal use, it is in perfect condition. $50 Shipped in the U.S.

Thinking of buying this? Hows the performance? Did you have any torque issues?

@BigJerm The performance was what you would expect for a 50mm motor. I ran it at 60A motor and didn’t have any torque issues(i weigh 130lbs) but you could most likely bump that up to 80A and get significantly more torque if you want/need it. Also if you plan to use the sensor that will give you a little better torque.

Still for sale.

I’ll scoop it up for a 6s build. Yupper