Torque boards motor question

On my torque board motor i just got, I’m not sure if it’s defective or just me as it’s my first motor but is it supposed to spin freely and continuously when not powered on by spinning it with your hand? Because the one I have is slowed by magnets when it spins which slows it down dramatically. Not sure if this is normal or not?

Make sure you don’t have the phase wires touching each other. That will add quite a bit of drag and will not allow the motor to spin. Otherwise, you should be able to spin it with your hand but there will be a little bit of resistance from the magnets.

If it is okay, it spin few rounds and stop. Not like a bearing.

I think it is safe to say that the more resistance you feel from the magnets with the wires not touching, the better because the stronger the magnets, the more torque the motor should produce.

As @mccloed said if the phase wires aren’t touching and if it stops after one or two revolutions it’s fine. I have the 230kv and 170kv 6355’s and they are badass so far.


If u short all the wires together (connect them) and try to spin it it will be much harder to spin but it’s cogging, ratchet effect, should be even. If it’s not even when shorted then maybe a winding or magnet isn’t right. You’re probably fine and a bit of cogging unshorted is normal

That’s why I love this community. Thanks for the answers so quickly guys. You rock!!

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