Torque Boards Nano Controller No Throttle Response

Hello all. I’m having an issue with my TorqueBoards 2.4Ghz Nano remote showing a constant, flickering throttle response around 1.54ms. The controller seems to sync properly. I am throttling fully forward and backwards when powering on, as I have read elsewhere that this controller must be calibrated at each boot. But I still see no response in VESC Tool when throttling the controller. When I switch to “Current No Reverse With Brake” and try to control the motor with my keyboard arrow keys, I hear a crackling sound and the motor doesnt spin. When the controller type is changed to “Off” the keyboard arrows can control the motor.

Attached are a few screenshots and a snapshot of the wiring. Please advise if you think that my controller is defective or if I am missing a step.

TorqueBoards Controller: collections/remote-controller/products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller

Did you switch the mode to PPM and write config in the “App settings > General” tab?

I don’t see the option to set the mode to PPM. From the left column, I am in the PPM settings and on the “General” tab. I have set the Control Type to “Current No Reverse With Brake”

Through the Input Setup Wizard, I did select PPM controller upon initial.

See here image

Make sure to write the config too before you try.

I had not…but now set to PPM and written to the VESC. Still not responding.

It was set to PPM and UART. Should I concern over the settings below this such as Send CAN Status and Can rate? I assume this is for a dual VESC build which mine is not.

You shouldn’t be sending CAN status if you’re using the PPM app, it should be false.

I just made an observation. When the controller is off, I am still receiving that flickering signal around 1.54ms in VESC Tool. Shouldnt it be static at this point?

No, it’s receiving the neutral PPM signal from the receiver

That makes sense. Is there a way to troubleshoot the throttle on my controller? Sounds like this may be the root of my problem.

Well did you try it again with send can status off?

I did. Same results.