TORQUE ESC BLDC ESC Random throttling

I have a Torque esc that I have bought from diy electric skateboards and I have an issue where the motor randomly throttles, even when I am off the remote throttle. Obviously, it’s not safe to ride anymore due to this.

Any ideas what’s wrong? Thanks

Post screenshots of your vesc tool configuration. Need more information before a diagnosis is possible.

Which remote do you use and where is the receiver located in the enclosure? You can get interference like you describe when the receiver is too close to the battery leads or phase wires on the esc.

I found that sometimes you need to hot glue the ppm wire to the receiver

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I have one of these remotes and I set up the trim so that when the remote is off the board won’t go anywhere. It could be a deadzone problem making it move a bit.

As @Pavlo_H mentioned it could be a trim issue if your using an RC Remote/Mini Remote.

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