Torque Vesc Vs Ebay Vesc

Hello, I’m new here and will try not to impose too much. I’ve been working on my first build and have been doing some heavy amount of reading on this. I came with no knowledge initially. I’m not sure I got all the info down just yet, between how motors work and batteries, etc… But for now I just need some insight about the Vesc. I decided not to settle on some pre-configured one, so I could make some adjustments if needed. I wanted to ask about the difference between two Vesc I came across. One that was probably already mentioned here -


The other one would be the first result on Ebay -

I’ve spoken with the seller on ebay, he claims they’re pretty much the same. Although there’s a 40$ shipping for me on the one from Torque, I’m wondering if it’s worth it and if you guys know anything about them and their actual differences. Would appreciate the help.

As a first board and sort of a gateway to a potential hobby, I decided not to beat myself down too much for now. So I ordered one of the pre-built motor kits on Ebay. Will be hooking up everything else though. Sorry for it being a bit of a long post.

From what I’ve read the Maytech one either skimps on parts or with quality control, or both!

I’ve been using the Torque one on/off for the pasta two years without any issues and recently bought two more I’ll use for my next build.

I’ve used a maytech one and it has worked fine on bldc mode and with a 10s battery. Foc seems a no no on the maytech and there are mixed reviews on torque vescs for foc. Bldc set up on 10s for either should work fine. The rumour is Maytech don’t give back to Vedder who designed the thing though. Where are you based? It just so happens I have a used maytech for sale and a new tourqueboards vesc for sale in the Uk…

The maytech are literally missing components, c37/c51 atleast, stay away. They are in the photos in the listing, they aren’t actually on PCBs.

I live in Israel, few hours from the UK. Would be glad for some more detail!

I see, appreciate it, thank you. How are they still being sold? Also, what about the Torque? Do you vouch for it? I haven’t really seen any reviews when I googled it tbh.

The TB are the best of the lower priced ones. I would personally suggest the ollin vesc, the focbox is good too if you’re lucky