Torqueboard 12S ESC Problems - Please help

I have an OLD 12s ESC from Torqueboards that works fine with my battery setup. It has a light and one WIRE. I have a NEW 12s ESC from Torqueboards that doesn’t work with the same setup. It has no lights and a LONG and SHORT wire.

Both ESCs have been programmed identically with the LCD Programming Card.

I have two battery setups that work with the OLD ESC.

A. Two LIFE 30c 4200 4 cell in series making 8s and 26.4 volts. B. One 36 volt 11Ah 396 Wh LIPO

When the NEW ESC is connected to the batteries and receiver, no lights come on the receiver.

My plan was to make a dual setup. But I cannot figure out how to make the NEW ESC work. It is a replacement from Torqueboards. I had the same problem with the 1st NEW ESC.

I would appreciate any help.IMG_7232IMG_7231IMG_7229IMG_7175IMG_6892

There are models that are Opto meaning it doesn’t have its own 5 v ubec built in. You need to power the receiver with a 5v input


Great. Thank you!

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