TorqueBoards 218mm extended caliber clones [Australia]

I’m looking to grab some of the extended caliber clones from TorqueBoards: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-218mm-trucks/

However shipping is a bit of a killer at 40USD flat. Is anyone else in australia interested in ordering together and then splitting once it gets to aus (only about $10 postage AUD then).

Edit: Have enough people, but more are welcome to order as well! Please fill out the form so i can figure out postage for you once they arrive in australia.


I ordered to Hong Kong and shipping was $50 and is closer than Australia! But yeah it does suck for us outside the US. Surely there is a few people that want these in aus, I think you will get some interest. I think torque should set up a Europe warehouse and an international warehouse in Hong Kong, we have real low shipping rates here.

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Yep, it sucks. Most of the eskate stores are in UK/USA/EU. Enterion was here but no DIY anymore.

Hey mate. I’m in Perth. Where are you ordering to?

Sydney, but shipping to perth should only be about $9-12 :slight_smile:

We have a rough total of 4 trucks so far, 2 more and free shipping to aus meaning they will only be $50 USD + $9-12 AUD australian shipping (or free if you want to grab them from me in sydney CBD).

I’ll be ordering these pretty soon, if anyone is interested drop me a PM :slight_smile:

I have just received a set of these and they are great. Make sure you order the clamps for them as well!

oh lord have mercy there’s enough room on these axles for inserts of all types. I still need a spacer with mine!

dual 15mm belts anyone? holy christ!



There is so much room!! I am running a set of @psychotiller pneumatics along with 10mm spacers and have pleennntttyyyy of room. I am running 12mm gear on dual 6374 and 15mm may be possible. It will definitely work with dual 6354!

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Sounds awesome! I’m going dual 6374 on street wheels haha, hoping for 15mm belts

Put me down for a pair.

Noted, thanks!

We are at 5 pairs now, 1 more pair for free USA -> AU shipping :slight_smile:

bump this shit up! fuck it put me down for 2 sets lets get this order going!

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you guys will love these things! If it weren’t for the slightly larger hangers it’s stupid simple to fit. With the odd size hangers you can either grind/file the mount clamp, or the hanger - i filed my clamps.

Kudos again to @torqueboards for making these available! cannot wait to rock dual 6374 + 107mm e-flywheels and 12mm belts!!!

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@longhairedboy @flywithgriff Should have 15mm pulleys in a few days. Also have a reverse motor mount if you want to ride a drop-through or similar.

@sl33py lol yeah, wish they were exact.

AU Shipping :frowning: = Expensive lol.

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The clamps I got specifically for the 218’s fit perfectly. I should have reverse mounts delivered in a few days.

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That’s it, we have 6 :smiley: I’ll set the order up tonight.

@longhairedboy @jeredmasters @baxter

Please fill out the form so i can figure out postage for you once they arrive in australia.

@torqueboards, would you mind letting me know the weight for a single set of trucks (so I can calculate aus postage)


I already have two sets of these. I’m in the US so its easier for me to get them directly.