TorqueBoards 218MM trucks

Willing to buy these trucks from EU. The condition doesn’t matter, but I prefer as cheap as possible.

I need a set too, maybe we could start a GB

j4i, here is a thread which had some group buys

i’m in!

1 0 c h a r

im in if theres a group buy

GB? I need a set to Finland aswell

I want a set too (UK). The only local source I found is from Street Wings, at £144.00, which is way more expensive than it should be. However if a group order is not scheduled for the next two weeks, I’ll probably buy them from there -or directly from , even with taxes/duties they still come cheaper.

Problem is that we don’t have anyone who is “qualified” to do GBs

As an importer myself, if someone is prepared to bulk buy themselves, pay shipping, taxes and stock an item, then surely they should be entitled to some profit selling them on ? After all, you save all the hassle and the wait buying from a local stockist ?

As a student of economics, I understand that but I also understand that supply and demand don’t encounter in EU. Despite that demand in EU is huge, supply is terrible and pricing far away from optimum.

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If you Need someone for a Group buy i could make something happen.


EDIT: just saw your comment in the other thread.

That would be awesome. There seem to be multiple interested in this other thread:

Im doing one, details will be posted tonight or tomorrow afternoon!