TorqueBoards 6355 190KV Motor For Sale

I have a basically brand-new motor from that I’ve only ridden twice. It works perfectly, but when I got my new kit board I just gave up trying to finish my single-drive board.

I bought it for $100 with shipping, but right now they’re on a holiday sale for $85, so just let me know what you feel a fair price would be and I’ll lump shipping in with that.

I also have a VESC, motor mount, and belt-drive kit that I’d be willing to sell with it from diy’s site, so just let me know if you’re interested in one of those too!

Why did you give up on it :sweat:?

Get back in there and finish what you started!

No, really you should.

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This guy might be onto something, but with a name like Jedi he is probably playing mind tricks.

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I knowww I should stick with it but there were a few reasons:

  1. I prefer my kit board because I can plug it into the charger without having to open up the case and charge lipos. I know it’s as simple as buying a BMS with a charging port, but it would require even more modifications to my board.

  2. With the size of my components and the enclosure, I have to use a stuff deck for my DIY project. While I was working on the board and testing the trucks out this was fine, but when I got my kit and installed it on a 7-ply flexible deck, the difference was night and day.

  3. If I’m able to sell all my components, I can spend that money on a non-motorized longboard and backup parts for my kit board.

It mostly boils down to the fact that I’m not in love with what the final product of my diy board would be, and I’d rather use the money to buy accessories for my kit board. BUT I’m glad that I went through the process and at least learned everything from scratch, since it’ll make repairs way easier on my new board.


Well put, best of luck!:+1:

I’m hunting for a motor. Is it sensored? I’ll pm

Hobbiking keda motor are 44$

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please don’t sidetrack this thread, keda motors are bad quality and have a tiny stator. Unsensored too.

Yep, motor has hall sensors

So ok go to bangood they havevthe same sensored motor

They also have the 63xx version

Please don’t spam or just throw out random things. People will get mad at you… :wink:

I want to help and they flag me wtf

I understand, but hijacking someones thread is not the kind of help people are looking for

someone is trying to sell something here. directing a possible customer away from buying his product is very bad form. he did not ask for your help, if he could only pay $40 for a motor he wouldn’t have said anything on this thread.

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Very Sorry l didnt know it was your used stuff you try to selling


I’m actually quite interested. I’m in Canada though, would that be OK ?

Sorry everyone! Already sold the motor and pulleys but I still have the VESC available

How much for the VESC?