Torqueboards 6355 sensored + VESC

Where does the sensored cable plug into the VESC? Or do I need to solder it on?

hall sensor port. looking at it straight on with the mosfets facing up, it’s on the lower left.

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Do you need to plug the motor wires in a specific order if you use hall sensor? Or does VESC auto detect?

5v and GND (red and black) cables are important so make sure you dont plug them in wrong. Then there’s the temperature cable if applicable, and the 3 hall sensor cables. Order of the hall cables doesn’t matter as you set that up in the vesc during detection.

@Sboard342 motor wires need to match up correctly only way I know is trying each combo till one works. I didn’t see any difference using a hall sensor tbh and I’m over 200lbs. The only time I noticed is when I hit a bump and it hit my motor mount and that shock messed up my sensor somehow and I had to push home because my board wouldn’t move from a standstill. Later I realized I could push and then throttle when the hall sensor is bad. I have two sensored motors that I won’t be using the sensor because it’s just a liability that has little benefit with a vesc.

Thanks for the picture @Bender. I’ll plug that in tonight after work. I was able to get the motor running on sensorless BDLC and got some slight cogging at start. Hopefully this eliminates cogging altogether.

I also need some heatsinks on this thing. Anyone know of cheap alternative heatsinks. I was about to get chakas but at $15 a pop (x3 Vescs) its expensive for a hunk of aluminum.

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Thanks @Jinra !

Anyone know if FOC utilizes the hall sensors? I might experiment with FOC to see how it feels.

you can use foc with sensors, careful not to burn up the drv


The auto-detect feature should be used with the pulley and gear installed?

The torqueboards 6355 sensor cable does not fit the torqueboards VESC. I may have to solder it on.

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In Vedder’s video above he mentions this - you can swap wire for wire to the larger plug and it should work (so he says). I believe DIYes also has an adapter cable to do this.


This will fit.

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Thanks for the link. I will check if there is a supplier closer in the US.

I have 5pin JST-PH cables from the same seller if you want it. You’ll just have to not use the temperature wire. They work prefectly in my build


I just hooked up these two heatsinks.

Need some thermal paste too. You can go with the standard stuff or the adhesive kind.

Thanks Jinra!! PM sent :slightly_smiling_face:

What AWG are those wires, Jinra? Thx :slight_smile: