TorqueBoards Group Buy 218mm Trucks, VESCs, Anything! EU

This is the first GB I’m going from US to EU, I want to bring the stuff from US to EU for as low price as possible. Next will be 97mm flywheels probably.

There should be some extra weight that can be filled in, you can order pulleys, vescs whatnot from their site

Prices Trucks 80$
VESC 110$ Pulleys 15$

Only 5 spots available for trucks, since they said that then we will need to pay additional charges for shipping If there’s the need maybe we can make another round

Shipping to UK is around 12$ for one set of trucks but you can put some more stuff like electronics inside for the same price If you need something else just pm me

There are going to be some import fees, that’s why the prices are little higher than there.

Batteries are not included in this.

how much for a set of 218mm trucks to france ?

I need just one truck, if someone is interested in buying the second one I’m in.

If they weigh less than 1kg shipping is 15$, if more its 20$ I will see if there is any cheaper option

Im in for 218mm trucks

And what pulleys those are? I might need 12mm 36T for kegels.

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Shipping to EU should be 15$ flat, 3 more truck sets available

Interested in some 97mm wheels :grinning:


These are the largest they have

Wheels will be done in a separate GB (flywheel clones)


But you can get these, they are a bit pricey tho

So no Ollin Popca?

This is a package from TB only, If we were to order stuff from TB and mix it with other stuff the postage would be a killer

This way its only stuff from TB with free postage

Popcas will have to wait a few days…

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@Acido We have 97mm I just haven’t listed them yet.


Price? They look nice

We can do same price as the 90s. $65.

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@Acido. Would be interested in a 218 truck set and motor mounts with idlers and pulleys. Any idea of pricing ?

I’m interested. There is no stock on HobbyKing though.

I’m Interested in a pair of 218mm Trucks.

Currently we have 4 trucks and 1 drive kit, if we were to order one more truck it would be nice :smiley: Hopefully we lay the money down till the end of the week

I would be interested in a pair or just one 218mm truck. Do you have one available?

I am interested in a pair or 218mm trucks ship to netherlands… stil available??