Torqueboards Hub Motor Review

@Hummie had his time :joy:. Now it’s @torqueboards turn. I’m pretty sure that I (basically one of my friends, it was for his build) ordered one of the first, so this topic will be documenting how it works out. Got the single 130kv motor with 83mm wheels. Going to be shooting some benchtest vids tomorrow, and within a couple of weeks hopefully some vids of actual cruising :sunglasses:. Anyways, the price on these things is great ($210 for a hub motor, wheels, trucks, and bearings?! Unheard of!) and knowing the great quality of @torqueboards products I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes :grin:

(Upgraded stock bearings to bones reds)

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Looking forward to your review. I really want a hub motor board to complement my belt drive boards.

Here’s my options: -Inboard m1 complete -torqueboard hubs (they will have a complete also apparently) -carvon 2.5 (but v3 coming soon) -hummie hubs -jacob hubs -and apparently enertion is working on hubs also

So many choices… If there was someone who could sum up the pros/cons of each.


@Photorph I’d love to be able to review all of them, but no cash to afford testing all of them :joy:. Maybe @lowGuido would be able to test all of them with his hack board?

Nice… Make sure to locktite the front screws. So far they’ve been working great for me but I’ve been using a Dual 75KV 10S setup w/ dual vescs so the performance would be better. Very interested in the 130KV single motor performance. 90mm hub wheels should be done in 1-2 weeks.

what? because I’m made of money right?

if someone wants to send me a few sets i’ll test them for sure.

@lowGuido Not made of money? awwww :joy: I mentioned you because you have the best board for it and I’ve already seen a few vids of you testing and comparing items - ur perfect for the job

yeah like I said… Id love to do some tests.

I agree… I’m perfect for the job LOL.

I’m a respected butthole, people messaging me from all over the world for my advice…

but I need a new camera so that I can make proper videos. and this e-skate thing is expensive…

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Oh come on @lowGuido just pull the trigger on some camera gear … Then you can tweek out on editing videos lol

very interested in a review of these. I literally just finished my first e-board last week. (28" 6s 192kv belt driven board) and I’m already researching hubs for my second e-board hub motor build. This shit is addicting.

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I plan a few builds and draw up new deck designs every day… Problem is I have nothing to fund it with. Easiest way to do it: help ur friends build boards (a couple of mine even used my ideas!) or build ur ideas and sell them.

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Wheel Review! (If you are here within the first 2 hours of this post the video may still be uploading) We will be doing a part 2 including acceleration, top speed, braking, and uphill tests when the 6s system is finished.

Oh you bastard…still loading …you tease


I did explain…

Oh…I can’t read

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Can you do a video maybe showing how you replaced the bearings?

still uploading…


Sorry people… wifi has failed me. It’ll be a little while longer until this thing uploads… :confused: Having to redo it

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73% :tired_face:

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