Torqueboards keyslot

I am using a @torqueboards motor and mechanical kit, but the key doesn’t fit in the slot on either. Is it ok to just use the bolts on the flat spots?

It’s not ideal, but doable. I’d recommend taking a file or sandpaper and shaving down the key until it fits.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Nope those things never fit the first time what you do is you get a file it down the side till it goes in

@The_Bob You want them slightly loose too. If they’re too tight and you force it in. Will be much harder to get it off in the future. Should slide in and out easily.

You can use a dremmel and pliers to make the keyway a bit smaller.

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Lol all you guys had a hard time when mine fit perfectly and sorry for hijacking the thread but mine is small and doesn’t fill up the whole key slot any ideas

Mine required the vice grip and file method

Yeah i also had to use a vice grip and force it in there

Help desk told me to just sand mine down. Sanded it for 5min fits snug. Easy fix.