Torqueboards motor problem

So more than a month ago I purchased 2 vesc and 2 190kv 6355 motors form torque boards . When they came in it all seemed pretty good. Then I spun the motors with my hands and one of the motors was making a scratching noise and sometimes the coper coils would touch and drag on the magnets. So I messaged them about it and sent them the video and they told me to send it to them so I did paying for the shipping too. So a week after it was delivered I I messaged them and they said I still have to wait. And then I messaged them for like two weeks and they didn’t respond. Then he just randomly responded. So it’s been nearly a month since the motor was delivered and I still don’t have an answer :frowning:

And one other thing I find very suspicious is that on every product it says “No reviews yet” and if you try to write a review It doesn’t do anything.

Welcome to the “TB Customer Experience Club”! Let me play some hold music for you while you wait… ahahahahahahahahahaahaha


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@treenutter :sleeping:

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Too many… too many…

Yeah I’ve bought a lot of stuff from them. It’s fine to buy from them as long as you understand that you’re buying from the cheapest US vendor and sometimes things don’t work and you have to consider that before buying. I just a motor fail on me after 73 days of use (the motor had a 60 day warranty :tired_face:). He and I were able to work out a solution to get me a new one that wasn’t the best customer service but was tolerable to me.

In my experience the mechanical parts are quite good, but the electrical parts can be a bit of a toss-up. But hey, that’s what happens when you buy from the cheapest vendor.

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@Sigorr we have guidelines about posts like this. Closing the thread. I’m sure that @torqueboards will fix your issue.