Torqueboards Rocket FreeFlow for Sale [Price Updated to $750]

Hello All,

I am about to graduate and I won’t be able to ride very much once I do. As a result, I’m selling my stuff. What I have up for sale is the Torqueboards Rocket FreeFlow (hub motor) with the upgraded 12S3P pack. Dexter set this up to work in FOC and in total I’ve put less than 150 miles on it (my daily commuter is a mini cruiser that I built).

This is a great board, but it did have some kinks to it (pretty much only related to the Hub motor setup - some still need to be worked out). I finally got the proper bolts and Loctite to keep the urethane from sliding off when riding on rough roads. Additionally, the mechanism securing the hub motor to the truck isn’t great. One of the motors is on tight, but the screws for the other motor have come loose due to the constant tightening required (see picture). This will need to be fixed to get riding with the dual motor setup.

Other things, I wrapped the entire deck in Clear Bra so the CF is protected, swapped to venom bushings and made a carry strap out of paracord. I took the wheel off of the remote. I’ve hit 28-29 mph on this board and it handles hills well if you’re carrying speed (not from a standstill). If you have any questions let me know. I paid $1,400 for it, asking for $1,000 - I’m in the Bay Area (Palo Alto) and local is preferred

Price dropped to [$850]

3/8 Dropping the price to $750 - really want to get this moved


What are asking for it?

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My brother has this board and it is fast with the 12s3p battery…for a grand this will best pretty much any available board today

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Missed it :slight_smile:

Price updated to $850 - looking to get this moved!

Interested. What’s the range on this is you stay around the 20-25mph range on flat terrain? I’m from LA have a couple huge hills around me but mostly flat.

I’d say around 14-15 miles if you stay in the 20-22 mph range. I’ve noticed with any board, going over 23mph starts to drain the battery quicker than the extra distance traveled by going faster

Hey, I’m in the Palo Alto area and want to check it out. Is it still available?

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Yeah, pm me to set up a visit

Can you ship to Canada?

Updated the price to $750!

I’d gladly buy the deck and possibly the battery

prefer not to part, but i’ll take $500 for the deck and battery

Idk about going that high. Is that bottom dollar?

If I don’t sell it in a week I’d consider going lower. But the deck alone was $350 new i think, which makes me think $500 for the deck and the 12s3p pack with less than 150 miles is a steal…

For sure. I don’t mean to be insulting by the offer. I’m just broke lol

for sure, no worries. I gotta move in two weeks so check back in a little while

STill for sale?

yes it is, are you still interested?