Torqueboards v4 mount and OBC motor

i just got a torqueboard v4 50mm mount for my olliboard co motor and i can only line up two of the 4 screw holes has anyone else used this combo and had issues??? @chaka i thought the motors were 50mm and would bolt up

They work with V3 mounts. I don’t think they work with V4. Enertion’s do.

2 screws are enough to hold it on there. Just make sure they are tight enough to withstand vibrations while riding

IMO: I personally would not feel comfortable going with only 2 screws.


No way am I using only two screws. I’d rather play it safe and drill a couple holes


Good news about V4 guys! Dexter says, [quote=“torqueboards, post:437, topic:3409”] Btw anyone with a TB v4 - We’ll have another X pattern slot available soon so all is not lost :grin: [/quote] It’s all working itself out…Whew…I was starting to get worried for a second. LOL

I am hoping to have our drive system out withing the next couple of weeks. They have the x pattern slot too so they are compatible with almost any motor.

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