Torqueboards vesc vs focbox

So I’m ordering some stuff from tb, and i can get 2 of their vescs for the price of 1 focbox with instant replace warranty.

I will most likely run sensored 12s and maybe try foc.

Is the tb vesc good enough or should i go for the focbox?

Not good enough, and DEFINITELY not good enough for 12s FOC.

I went the route you’re thinking of taking and dealt with shipping shit back and fourth and eventually just selling both TB VESCs and got two FOCBOXs.

Spend a bit more now and less headache later.

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What problems did you encounter? I’m running 2 2nd hand vescs right now i think from maytech, and never had many hiccups

drv issues, can issues, and also space issues (from the size of VESC 4.x)

I have two TB Vescs and I wish I bought focboxes. I blew one of them recently, no idea how. Both were running 12s BLDC. I miss being able to try foc and I worry that one is gonna blow again and cost the money it would have cost to get focboxes in the first place.

i have them on sale right now for $145.

I’ve been using them for 12S builds since it was the VESC-X and its pretty damn good at it. Don’t bother with the 4.12 form factors unless you’re buying from Ollin or AXLE.

i’d get them from you but enertion is way closer to me geographically :grin:

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Just bought one from you for my sisters build. Stoked to try out FOC on her board once I build it on winter break

damn it Damon! no more $135 bargain price?!? I’ll definitely get some from you once the V4 motors come in, not going to make the mistake like last time and get them 7 months before motors only to find one was faulty but out of warranty.

yeah the $135 sale was just to dump them and pay the bills. $145 is probably where they’ll stay from now on.

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