Total Noobie Need Suggestion with Build

was thinking this one for the board if anyone have used it or would it be okay with this build

The wheels are quite small and it’s a drop down not giving much clearance for an enclosure

Edit: oops didn’t see the mechanical kit. Maybe buy just a deck not a whole long board because the kit comes with trucks and wheels

Going to buy a mechanical kit for the wheels and the trucks but if you have got some suggestions with the deck I would appreciate it

And what safety gear are you buying? You know you need full face helmet, sliding gloves, knee pads & elbow pads at least

Don’t you mean “at most” :smiley: Helmet is the least you need, and then sliding gloves if you plan to go fast. Everything else is just to prevent injuries that can heal over time / if you’re going really fast imo.

The flipsky vesc is actually better than the torqueboards one. Runs 12s FOC perfectly fine. About the motor, I would recommend the 149kv version for many reasons : better suited for reasonable speed, better torque, better erpm for the vesc, and allows you to use bigger motor pulley which means more teeth engaged and longer lifetime of the belts/pulleys

About lipos, imo it doesn’t even matter 2x5s VS 3s and 2s because cells are all the same, and lipos are all quite the same,coming out of the same factories. Just get the cheapest ones on hobbyking, they are all pretty fine, even the multistar ones. Especially for a single vesc4.12. Get your FSESC 4.12 on Aliexpress it’s about 50. Charge only bms, I get mines on Ali for 7 bucks. And also, don’t buy anything at torqueboards it’s too expensive for no reason. For the mount you can go with the turnigy one, it’s tough as hell but you need to grind the notch in order to fit on caliber truck and to use longer 5x20mm screws with loctite. 15mm wide Pulleys and belts on aliexpress. Htd 5m 265 with 15/36 pulleys for wheels smaller than 90mm and Htd 5m 300 with 20/44 pulleys for anything bigger as it will be much more reliable with more teeth. Wheel pulleys can be found on thingiverse and printed. Use M5x50 screws with cyano glue, no need for nuts. Get yourself real good wheels, deck and trucks. These are what will change your ride. If roads suck where you are, get a flexy deck that’s gonna change your life.

If you need links just ask Happy building