Total Noobie Need Suggestion with Build

Total noobie here about building an electric skateboard. Not really high in budget. These are the parts that I have in mind :

Motor x1 (Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192KV Brushless Outrunner Motor) =

Mechanical kit x1 : https:///products/single-motor-mechanical-kit

Battery Turnigy 3S x2 :

Battery Turnigy 2s x2 :

ESC and Remote :

I’m open to any suggestions or advices that you could give ! Thank you. And how much speed and range would I get with this build if anyone knows ?



It would be better if you used a higher voltage battery, 6s is fine but 4s is a no go

You for sure need 6s minimum, 4s will get you like 4mph lol… use 2 of these in series

Also try using a Vesc, it will cost a bit more but is so worth it

I’m going to connect them and get a 10s or just buy a 5s x2

Then you’re looking at 30mph…that ESC will probably go first and you’re gonna need a lot of connector harnesses but it should be good for a first build

The motors and drive kit are good though

Have u got any links for a Vesc ?


2x 5S batteries makes more sense with the cable things thank you !

If your willing to wait, hobbyking have sales often on lipos. I got 8: 3s 5200mah lipos for ÂŁ60

It’s is a vesc but for copy right reasons it’s called a fsesc. The torque is probably better quality but people have found the flipsky 4.12 to be pretty solid.

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So should I get a Vesc or this one ?

You should get a VESC…they are undoubtedly better but require more setup and are more expensive

You can get a cheap ESC…they will definitely work but they usually die soon and are not good for the battery or motor (some draw too many amps)

To be honest don’t know about programming the remote to the Vesc but I suppose it’s not that hard

Don’t make a 10S using 3S+3S+2S+2S. It’s better to match the batteries. So 5 x 2S or 2x 5S

or 3 x 3S for a 9S


It’s like 20 minutes out of your life…there are guides for them on youtube

Going for a 2x5S build thank you for the advice !

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image image

homie its not hard please do some reading. especially with vesc programming. You can make a big investment go down the tube if you program it incorrectly


Looking into them right know thank you !

Never thought of going onto youtube :slight_smile: thanks

Basic but a good guide to how to program a vesc.