~Tracker Riding Machine Belt Drive~

Possibly the most appropriately named board to electrify! Belt Drive is right…!!

SPECS: (9.25″ x 34″) WHEELBASE: 21.35″ to 25.6″ compared to my current spud/Potato 29" x 9.5 with 20.5 - 21.25 wb.

Saving this for later! Found the deck on ebay for $26 shipped! compared to 160 complete? :joy::smirk::fireworks:


How do you plan to mount the electronics without covering up the graphic? Maybe in the grooves in the side?

I didn’t really think about it at that price… I do have some lipo that could fit in the cuts, but I think I might just cover it up except the tail graphic.

Or maybe i’ll find a way to wiring into the board so its all part of the machine!

can’t be sure till I have it in front of me and see what fits…

Awesome, should be cool either way :slight_smile:.

You need a enclosure to cover all those expensive machines :wink:

I have 2 of the same boards. I got them for the twins. They are nice for the price. Great choice.

they can use them as luge/skelton boards till they grow into em lol

I guess this is the same deck, without graphics… 2 for $72 shipped is still a pretty good deal…