"Trail Blazer" | 6s Trampa/MBS Mountainboard |

Here it is; my sick mountianboard. I’ve wanted to go off-roading on all the local trails for a while now so I made this. I’m pretty satisfied with the result but could see myself adding another motor in the distant future. I’m liking this chain and sprocket drive train, ther’s no chance of slippage from derbies or torque. These 8" pnummies offer a nice plush ride and enough height to get over stones and rocky slopes.

Thanks to all of you, this wouldn’t be possible without your innovations and good deals.

Trampa Holypro Carver - Thanks @anon64938381

MBS Metal Matrix 2 Yellow/Orange blocks @MBS

Trampa Superstars w Primo Alpha tires @trampa

Focbox - @evoheyax

Maytech 6880 190kv @hyperIon1


Turnigy 6s 10,000mah lipo

X-things @akhlut

Overion MBS chain Kit 10/42 @Yann (thanks for the USA shipping my man!)

It tops out at about 22mph which is plenty for the trails around here. Could be a bit faster but I need all the torque I can get from my single motor. Lasts about 8-9 miles mixed terrain at 25wh/mile which is pretty good imo!

Future changes include MBS F1 bindings which are in the mail and I need to finish up the top box to have my connections sprouting out he top (kind of like a Trampa monster box).

Does great on dirt and stoney trails, OK on lush grass, and grippy as all hell on tarmac.

I have the metr log for the initial ride:

And a quick video:

Hope you like it! Expect more selfie stick shots in the future. I do feel a bit like a dweeb with the stick though lmao.



Looks great!

Really good wh/km too :o


Well, that’s gotta be one of the most minimalist ATB builds on here, but it looks solid, and a good base to build upon. The battery wires hanging out there look a little sketchy, but straps or a router job would fix that. It looks pretty light though. Would you mind weighing it? Probably need to weigh yourself holding it and subtract your weight not holding it, if your scale doesn’t measure that low. Welcome to the wild world of eATSk8s!


Weighs about 25lbs in total.

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Cool build man. Like it a lot. Watch those wires though!

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I took the time to finish up the batt box this afternoon. It’s not the cleanest looking but it get’s the job done.

Fist I routed holes the shape of my connectors and hot glued them in when everything was lined up straight. IMG_20190527_165202 IMG_20190527_165657 IMG_20190527_165704

Then I started adding a few coats of ABS cement




Plenty of clearance for these wires IMG_20190527_172519


The legend says that true dweeb’s wear different colored converse shoes :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:

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