Trampa 125mm Gummies are here'ish?

Ok @trampa I’m going to fart at the dinner table again, will these gummies fit other 200mm hubs cough cough older version MBS rockstar mk1?

Not that I’m down with them, I just happened to pick up 2 sets for almost nothing in a closeout

There I said it sorry!

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awesome, but the stock will be ready on Jan 2018?

Probably they fit, no guarantee.


Hey no guarentees in life, thanks

Sounds like you need a beta tester fitter guy. :wink: If only you could find someone who has accumulated a wide range of past and present MBS wheels to test fit them on. Ahem…:wink:…cough… That is, if you are comfortable taking business away from your competition…:thinking:

Ok, ok, I’ll do it. :heart_eyes:

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For the Gummies? Count me on. But now they look shorter in urethanes depth than the first protoypes on those images Frank posted a few months ago. Anybody agree?

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wohooo, too late for this year I guess, looking forward to next season! :smiley: right now I ride the trampa with pneus daily cause of all leaves and twigs on the road :confused:


Can’t wait to see how the 6.5" hold up against Evolve in the whitepony carving test :grin: These things look badass!



At the moment i love my Evovle GT tires on my Trampa board… but those 6.5inch looks interesting

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Damn, is that yours? U should team up with other people and start selling those! They look like crazy street racing boards… I bet many people who dont know much about eskate, will think they look sexy :heart_eyes:

@Martin - Can you flip your board over? How did you make your undermount battery enclosure – is that your own or did you just paint the Trampa one?

Looks really cool btw!

@okp @Martin

I think the community would benefit if you provided a review of the 125mm Gummies. Maybe a video or two of how they roll? :slight_smile:

The ultimate test for the gummies would be if @whitepony got his hands on them :smile:!

I’m using pot stand.


I am reviewing my Korean friends. I am not proficient in English, so detailed reviews here are difficult. But if you ask a question, I will answer you as much as possible.

Today I did a test ride for a while. Driving feeling was soft. There was no slip between the wheel and the tire. Soon, I’ll shoot the video and share it.


Lol that is pretty freaking creative

@trampa love the gummie carver series, looks really supercool! :heart_eyes:

seems i was too late for ordering rings, then again there is no way to ride urethane properly until spring 2018. hope you got black gummie in stock until then. ideallywith white/silver prints at thesides? :smile:

@frank I don’t see the weights if he gummies and the 6.5tire listed on the site? Am I missing it?

I really wonder how these gummies perform compared to the new 107mm superflys. I would think they wouldn’t be as cushy for sure. I guess we will have to wait :stuck_out_tongue:

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