Trampa 125mm Gummies are here'ish?

@trampa - I see the picture on your website… when will they be in stock?


Whoa didn’t know they were gonna come in blue also. Looks great

And I see 6.5inch tires now too…going smaller little by little :smile:!

EDIT: OY! I just read that the gummies are coming in spring 2018…right now it’s a pre-order item.

With hubs And the very nice looking 6.5 Urbans


These 165mm ones look really nice…

As about gummies… im wondering will they absorb enough shocks… i suppose will see with time.

I would imagine that the urethane would have to be a compression fit, or perhaps keyed to the inside of the hypa and superstar hubs. Otherwise there might be issues with slipping. Interesting to see!

@trampa @Nowind

Slip is no issue, The urethane is thicker as seen in the image. It reaches all the way down to the bed of the hub.

The 165mm tire took quite some time to develop, since its really really low profile and moulding got quite complicated. The manufacturer and mould maker both took the challenge and finally succeeded. They have never done such a slim tire before. This was new territory for everyone involved. The weight is astronomic low for such a tire, keeping your board as light as possible. In addition we developed a new tire tread, disintegrating towards the edge of the tire - speedy at the centre and very gripy towards the edge. It performs fantastic on all sorts of surfaces. We are more than happy with the result. In consequence they are in production and will be available as soon as humanly possible. We think this tire will set a new standard for cross over boards.

Tire inflated to 100 PSI:



100psi? I need those, take my money now lol.

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Pre order a set! They will probably sell out fast. We can ad Pre-Oprders to the production volume. We do not recommend to ride at 100 PSI, but we do our tests at that inflation ratio to assure best quality possible.


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I assume this is the price for a set of 4x?

@trampa are preorders been taken through the website ? For me it says ‘product no longer avalaible’ when I click through on the product.

No, this is one. These tire are expensive to make and you need tons of very big moulds to make them.



The link I am clicking on to preorder is not working.

Whats the correct link to check out the specs and preorder the gummies (and tyres)?

Edit: Found It -

They bolt apart my guess is that I’d how you mount them I’m interested in these!

What inner tube is used with the new Urban 165’s? the valve is protruding quite a bit so im guessing its the 7

I think I inflated the prototypes with a 7" tube.


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Yes! Must have!

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does it fit evolve AT hub?

125 urethane or 165 urban treads?

The 165 urban treads do fit.


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Group buy?:joy: