Trampa 6" tyres and 125mm gummy slicks?

Have just been having a look on the trampa site and spotted this

They refer to a 6" tyre and mystical ‘gummy slicks’ :hugs:

Someone may have a simple answer and make me look stupid. Hmm :thinking:

More mention of 125mm gummy bears​:rofl: The trampa website is awsome. It’s a mixture of old and now irrelevant info, current useful product information and . . . erm . . . Gummy slick stickies :drooling_face:

There products are top notch though :heart_eyes:

We have a 6 inch low profile high PSI tire in the make. Still in production though. This is a very tricky product and caused our manufacturers some real pain. Finally we managed to make it happen. Gummies 125mm Urethane slicks are currently being produced. Both fit on the Hypa and Superstar.



Ah very nice :clap:t2:

Hey @trampa when these are out, will they be available in your test ride ? Won’t take me long to nip over from Derby :wink:

Sure! We are happy to see you. re you coming to Hales Superbole on the 23-24ths of Sept? Trampa Challenge, three stages with live music, food and beer festival, big ramp competition, ATBA BX race.


Can’t make it unfortunately :pensive: Great work on the new products. 100% after the 6" tyres :+1:t2: And I’m really intrigued with the slicks.

Any update on the gummy slicks? :innocent:

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@trampa I second that. Any news on the 6 inch gummy slicks/pneumatics?


any news? @trampa

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Someone made a new thread about them.