Trampa battery box mounting?

Can anyone tell me how those boxes mount onto the deck? Or a picture.

Would be helpful.


They hey three screws in the middle across the board. They’re bolted that way and then rubber grommet things are connected.

Personally I’m going with a pelicase setup on mine. image

I’m then strapping it across the board with a Velcro strap.


Do you know if its the same mounting on all cases?

May be getting a trampa carver setup next week im converting to a different setup.

There should be some info on their website. I found this image:



Also check this out: image


Products -> Battery Boxes

Seems pretty verbose… loads of info there. I went for a pelicase style box as I really couldn’t justify the £175 vs £45 on my build.

Not knocking them - great guys, they’re clearly bespoke houstings and made for the job, but my goal was the cheapest Trampa based setup I can build as my first board. I’ll post some pictures etc once I’ve got it running. I’m currently being marred by a lack of 4mm plugs, and some cables… was expecting to get out this weekend, but it’ll need to wait until next week now :frowning:

15594172066748941821636531436316 IMG_20190622_135635174 15613248975173989352041790059318 15613249188496384378322599064201 @Lumaci I went with a pelican clone. It’s mounted on a trampa holypro carver

I have done it this way with my peli case.

image image image image


How do you guys deal with bottoming out when the bolts protrude that much?

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Maybe they act like spacers so you dont scratch the deck :smiley:


What do you mean by bottoming out? I used clevis pins so the board can still flex without breaking the case. As for the length of the pins under the board, grind off what you don’t need. I took em universal so they fit pretty much any length I need without the fuss of figuring out the thickness that was needed. Also, in between the case and the board there’s dead space because of the case having legs, so I couldn’t use screws.

I used velcro straps on my case and it works great. easy detach too

0626191427_HDR 0626191426_HDR 1561573748312-308603537

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