Trampa Build Best Size: Carver or XL

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I got started e-skating on a Bamboo GT, and mainly carve on the streets. I like my ABEC 11 wheels better than the AT wheels from Evolve, because I am more of a skater. I am 6’3" tall and 195 pounds.

I am thinking about building out a Trampa board, but cannot tell if I would like the smaller carver/urban board with mini-spring trucks or the larger 36 inch mountain board deck with the full size trucks. I think I want Gummies either way. I like the Monster Box on the new integrated holypro electric deck. I am tall but also need a board that can work on the streets.

I am trying to guess the best size board for me from the Trampa web site. You guys out there that have Trampa builds – can you make any recommendation? Will the big board turn around in the street? Will the small board be too small? Is the new monster box + electric deck practical?

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I’m 190 cm not sure what that translates to in murica but the Carver board is just right fit. I run it big size trucks tho.

@Kug3lis had too big feet for his (nowdays my) carver board. so that might be one issue.

Unless you’re planning on some offroad action I’d think about an enclosure mounted under the board, so much nicer imo.

Thanks, we are the same height. I didn’t know you could run the big trucks on a smaller board. Can you run the small trucks (mini) on the bigger board? Drilling? Other issues?

Yeah, since the trampa boards are angled it shouldnt be a prob. I have both and highly recommend the bigger ones, theyre just a nicer ride overall

The Mini springs Trucks only filt the Carver decks, since they have a cutawya to preven wheelbite, You can mount a MTB truck to a Carver deck, but not vice versa. Hole pattern is the same BTW.

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Not even the Holypro that has cutaways?

No, wheels would touch the deck, using the mini truck with pneumatics. HolyPro needs MTB trucks.

Hi Frank, love to get your take in my initial question: Will the big board turn around in the street versus the smaller one? Is the new monster box + electric deck practical for a street/urban setup? Thanks!

I have a friend with hs11 deck and mini trucks without any problems.

I am realizing the two decks are the same size, but the node and tail are longer on the biger board, to accommodate the bigger trucks. The bigger board is a little wider too.

Maybe I can help you a bit with your decision because I have both :sunglasses:

I like both boards a lot but they are different. The carver feels more like a longboard and you can make sharper turns because of inner spring position. I use it as commuter in the concrete jungle.

The HolyPro is more stable and bigger but heavier and not that agile. It’s perfect for offroad with bindings but I wouldn’t use it as commuter, but it also depends how often you have to carry it. BTW I’ve never tried the deck without bindings so no experience. My MTB is 16.5kg and the carver 11.4kg.

If you want to ride at higher speed the carver is too scary at least for me. With the carver I ride max. 35km/h and prefer to carve like a maniac, with the MTB I feel safe up to 50km/h. But with bindings and E-toxx elastomere dampers I have better turning radius on the MTB at low speed.

Do you plan to use bindings? If so an enclosure in the middle on top of the deck makes sense otherwise it could be a stumbling block plus a problem with routing cables.

Yes and therefore the trucks are mounted at higher position on MTB and the deck sits lower to the ground. The deck of the MTB with 8" wheels is a bit lower to the ground than the carver with 7" wheels.

Don’t know if anything makes sense what I wrote, feel free to ask if something isn’t clear.

No :wink: Made some pics for direct comparison (damn that carpet :laughing:)

154059h 154315h 154431h 155528h

And the carver beside Evolve 161107ec



Thanks so much for this reply, that was exactly what I was looking for! Even with a BGT for comparison. I can see how one might end up with a carver and a mountain board. Best…

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Hehe lucky me that I have both because I couldn’t decide :laughing: But I also like the beautiful Holypro builds with enclosure underneath the deck here in the forum, looks very sexy. It’s also possible to drill inner holes on ATB hanger (Infinity) in combination with carver baseplate to get better steering for a street build based on Holypro.


Building the MTB with top mounted enclosures was much easier than building the carver. @Eboosted makes some nice enclosures (and batteries) for both decks which means less struggle.

Here 2 videos where you see why I need both boards :sunglasses:


So this thread is helping me decide too thank you …I’ve been on the fence with all three models…thankyou @rich .and sorry for hy jacking @billappleton …so where would the urban Carver stand…with smaller Trumpa trucks…I have a nice city board carvon build but winter is coming and wanted to build a gear drive city slicker slash summer trail ripper…I can’t use urethane because of -30 weather so what would you suggest go the big boy or the smaller urban carver which would be easier for the city I’m guessing from the street Carver you have are they the same but just tire set ups.??.. I’m not sure what the difference is between them other then the trucks are narrowed and deck size…and I was wondering with the 15 and 35 degree decks what is better for which for the street and trail is there a happy medium …for doing most winter city rippomg and be able to rip the trails also in the summer with out having a massive heavy mtb build…any help much appreciated big time…cheers

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AFAIK all gear drives are for ATB hanger and not the mini (carver/urban trucks) so it’s more about choosing the deck.

If you don’t ride too fast you can go with springs only (without dampas) for better steering (up to about 40kmh / 25mph) without getting speed wobbles. Or buy E-Toxx elastomere dampers.

It depends on how fast you want to ride and where. On streets or bicycle paths it’s different compared to taking short corners on tiny sidewalks. Also it depends on the riders height and weight in matters of stance and stability. But as mentioned above, inner spring position can be drilled in Infinity hanger for better steering ability in combination with carve baseplate.

The street/gummie/urban carver are the same, just different wheels and 180° switched hanger on street carver.

15° decks and ATB skate trucks are made for kiteboarding. Mountainboards or carver are 35°

Do you plan an enclosure underneath the deck?

I also have 7" Evolve tires on superstar hubs for my carver but have not tried them yet.


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Didn’t realize that my evolve ATs would fit on superstar hubs – thats awesome! Trampa could clarify their web site in many ways. For example, show a picture of street vs urban truck setup. And give the different decks unique names. sigh.

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Thank you sir…I’m pretty light at 145 and only 5.6 tall…lil guy…and I didn’t think you could do the same mod as the mini universal carver hanger…that’s great to read…thankyou…so the eroxx drive will only for the 16.5 hanger and not the 12.5 mini…dammit…was kinda hoping for a mini gear drive set up…as it gonna be in the city of Toronto in the winter time for commuting to work from the train…so smaller would be better…and I do plan on getting a Eboosted under enclosure for it and I do live in the country where there is atv and snowmobile trails out side my front door so this could be very interesting to try out…dont plan on jumping it huge tho…i have my banshee and turbo rzr for that…I’ve been riding trick skate and freestyle snowboarding for 20 years so I will jump but not massive iv broke to much of my body and I’m getting older and have to make it to work the next day…i never knew about mtb…never seen one untill I got on this site …and e toxxes videos makes me want one badly… that guy beats those thing and they look very fun drifting around …I want one …lol…thanks again for helping me and sorry again @billappleton thanks for starting this thread…very helpful… cheers… Yes @billappleton I’ve been reading there site alot last couple weeks …it was hard to make out which is for what and what is this for …everything looks very similar hard to figure out…there isn’t to much information on the decks or there parts for the builds…only info on there completes they sell and even then it’s not that good …

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That’s pretty much like me :grin:

I was watching some products on Trampa page and it seems like the inner spring position is also on the new HolyPro Deck which is great!


My question to @trampa is if that also means that the regular ATB trucks have inner holes from now on?

That would mean you can convert a carvy street build into real offroad (not AT) very easy :sunglasses:

Funny thing is that the Holypro with gear box is heavier and bigger but better for public transport because I can lean it against a wall, this is not possible with belt drive ( without flipping it and have the heavy side on top).

Good thing is that you can use 125mm Gummies, 6.5"(Trampa), 7"(Trampa/Evolve) or any 8" tire.

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The new MTB Trucks will feature double spring position…


What a beauty. Does that board have the mini spring trucks or full size?

One point of clarification, all the decks seem to be a 690 mm arch. The difference is extra deck on the nose or tail…

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