Trampa carve street urban deck with 10s5p underway style enclosure

I was looking for an enclosure can fit 10s5p Samsung 30q under tray style . Trampa carve All I found were 12s4p. But I needed one with I can use the evolve BMS n ESC to pair with the r2 remote .

Please if anyone know anywhere or anyone can actually make one or sells one . I don’t mind paying for a custom job for the battery n the enclosure prebuilt .

Thank you

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what do you mean by trampa board? they have a lot of different decks…

the enclosure @fiori linked probably wont work on a flexy carver board

Trampa mountain board deck . Yes they r curvy n needed to be flexible

@cryo is correct. I didn’t see it was for the Trampa deck.

If you do a little searching around here some people have made flexible enclosures for the trampa. I think @Eboosted may still be selling some.

I did find a few . But most of them were for 12s4p

Which one now? :laughing:

The most common decks are either Holypro 35° or Carve deck which need different enclosures.

If you choose HolyPro you could even buy more cells and go with 10s8p with the double stack enclosure of @Eboosted :sunglasses:

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For a carve deck I have the carve enclosure:

The HS11 enclosure has been designed for the HS11/HolyPo 35 deck, it’s also backwards compatible with the new 35 log or 35 short deck and the MBS deck.

If you want more P-Groups like 10S5P, 10S6P, 10S7P or 10S8P or even 12S8P then you need this enclosure:

I wonder why would you plan to stick with 10S, 12S has way more potencial and much wider pulley reduction choices.

I also repliecd to the offline message :wink:

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Thank u . I saw that site

Thank u so much . I was looking for 12s4p In the beginning. But found out that my evolve BMS n ESC setup it’s not gonna work with 12s. It only compatible with 10s. So if I move to 12,than the ESC will not be compatible with other BMS . But as for the bigger enclosure u mentioned above, wouldn’t it be too thick? How much thicker compare to other enclosure? Thx

If you want to use the Evolve BMS then go with the SS (Single Stack) enclosure, use the first pockets to fit a 10s4p and the last pocket for the BMS, it’ll be perfect:

But I also wanted more range . That 40 cell with at wheel set up It’s just too little

I am just curious. Why can’t it be done with just adding 2 extra cells on that enclosure. It was designed to fit 48 cells . If anyone can custom make one with 2 extra cells ? It will fit with evolve ESC . They stacked up together. I can pay for someone to do it.

The enclosure is already on the limit. The deck is not wide enough to place 10cells next to each other and in the same time have enough meat on the side to hold the bolts. You could mount the esc on the top and make a different battery lay out. Maybe than it’s enough space for it, but i‘m not sure

I agreed . But maybe if anyone can still places the batteries like it was ,but adding 2 more cells with custom wirings ? I am just curious