Trampa Carver deck and trucks- Wanted in US

I would like to try my hand at a hybrid street and AT board. Not sure if it is going to work so I dont want the spend the 450.00 buying new from trampa (unless I can get 20 percent off). Just thought I would ask here before I looked elsewhere.

Hi korryh, our boards keep their value and you won’t regret buying one. They are usually hard to get 2nd hand since most of our customers actually use their boards rather then selling them. If you want one, get in touch with me for further advice. PM is fine or better: [email protected].


You can buy from @Kaly he is in NY

Thanks @Eboosted I ended up getting a short deck from Trampa and motors just can in from Kaly today.

What deck did you buy? Street Carver? Are you planning to mount 6374s?

No just the 14 ply short board. I put MBS trucks on them ( I like the wider trucks) and razor (scooter company) go Kart 113mm wheels - trying to find 12mmid x 22mm od bearings is not easy. MBS trucks have 12 mm axle and wheels have 22mm space for bearings.

Yes, I bought 6374 sensored motors and am working on making mounts and figuring out gearing.

Do you have a picture of your parts?, I’d love to see them.

Do the MBS trucks (I guess you got the pro Matrix) fit the trampa board with no modifications?

You will have to buy the 12mm bearings from Trampa

All parts are at work Ill see if I can take some pics tomorrow. Yes the matrix, I have 12mm bearings buththe OD is 28 and I need 22mm. Yes the trucks fit with no mods.

Hope you can share some pictures of your build

@Eboosted I will start a thread shortly but here is what i have so far.

This is all i found for bearings close to that size as i have been on this idea for awhile but have no funds to do so. Unfortunately the price is for a single bearing.

You can use the regular 12x22x7 and just let them stick out a bit.


Where can we find those at?

Our website.

Just type bearing into search or go to parts on the front page.


I will try that thanks @trampa

Sorry, you want 22 not 28 OD. We do not have that. Only 22x9.52x7.


I ended up using bike bearings that were 12x 21 x 5. I had to place a thin strip of aluminum sheet between the wheel hole and the bearing to make up the difference. I am only using 2 bearings per wheel but may end up using 4 depending on testing. This was just a quick solution and if I find a better one I will let you know.