Trampa dampas or barrels for 60km/h for more stability?

damn man, what do you do that you bend so many trucks? those are 12mm axles, right?

you really are the Trampinator! :smile:

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Normally it happens when hitting objects like snags, trees, concrete obstacles or whatever is in the way. I killed 3 trucks in skate park and the rest offroad. Also I bent both axles of the solid Infinity truck. I guess 20mm axles would be perfect for me :joy:.


How you liking the matrix? It has been some few months now. Iā€™m about to decide between the two. I weigh 215lbs (98ish kgs) but it seems matrix 2s do well with jumps, which is what Iā€™m after.

Yeah Matrix2 and red shock blocks are a good choice for that.

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