Trampa dampas or barrels for 60km/h for more stability?

What do you think is more stable for the price?

People say that are much better than the springs , search on YouTube. You gonna find some results

How does price come into the equation? Where is @professor_shartsis when you need an obscure graph :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Dampas for sure will fit with my Chinese trucks but I am not sure for the barrels

They fit. I’m running MBS pro springs and eggshocks, but have barrels coming in.

Currently the springs+shocks handle uneven terrain better than my matrix II trucks, which is what I was after, so I’m happy.

Hoping the barrels provide a more stable feel @ speed like the matrix IIs do.

@rich still riding your barrels? Ever felt you wanna go back on springs? Your top speed on barrels?

I have both, barrels are a pleasure to ride, dampas are more secure and tunnable to diferent setups…But you said 60kh/hr with chinese trucks…I rader stay with the barrels and lower the speed…unless you buy good quality trucks made for that speed…channel trucks are not ment to race speed, stability at top end speed it is an issue, so be carfull please…

also it is the forum for this kind of question right now…good luck

Thanks for the answer, I got one more question, do the barrels work on any trucks or just trampa ones?

I do not know that, @trampa could answer that…Please use your helmet…cheers

We do not advise to go that fast. Barrels would give you a better chance to avoid speed wobbles.

@trampa can I put them on any truck even if they aren’t trampa?

Common sense says “no”, e.g. good luck putting them on a Baja board.

However, this isn’t rocket science, and they can be fit onto different trucks, sometimes with a little bit of effort.

Common sense can calm until I get more money :sweat_smile:,that’s was very helpful. Thanks @RyEnd !

@trampa on your site, is the buying price for the barrels for a set of 4 or a single barrel?

Single barrel.

The elastomer barrel is a standard part, you can build the whole thing for half the cost if you’re handy with a parts catalog.

Actually I switched to Matrix II trucks but maybe switch back to Trampa, not sure yet.

I have many springs for sale :rofl: Elastomere dampers are much better in stability and also tighter turns (with bindings).

Top speed was 49km/h but more should be possible, barrels are very stable at speed.

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why would anyone switch from Trampa to Matrix II trucks? :sweat_smile:

I will get my barrels soon, can’t wait to try them

Well for 2 reasons, first it’s getting expensive when you tend to kill trucks and need machined or precision hangers for gear drive. This trucks have bent and twisted hangers as well. I have a 6th truck where only 1 axle is bent.

The other reason is that the Matrix II is very carvy. I have a MBS DW II board with Matrix II and it was very unstable and difficult to ride in the beginning because I was used to Trampa trucks with elastomere dampers. I really like to ride on small carvy single trails. There is one in dirt park and with the Trampa trucks and deck I fall 8 of 10 times and with the DW II and Matrix II 2 of 10 times. But meanwhile I think it’s also because of the stiff deck which gives a more direct feel and control.

I can switch between orange and red shock blocks within a short time depending on terrain or my mood.

I’ve ridden 30km only with the Matrix II trucks on the Trampa, it’s too early to know if they are good on the Trampa deck as well. I need to fix some speed wobble problems first.

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