Trampa design inspiration

I really like the design of a trampa board. If I had the money to buy one I would. The flexibility and angle the trucks are at to carve are my favorite features. I have looked around for anyone building a board out of polycarbonate and haven’t really found anything. I’m planning on taking these sheets and forming them to the shape of a trampa deck. Just like any wood board, I figured stacking thin sheets would make it able to carry my weight. I weigh between 135-155 depending on what I’m carrying in a backpack. Here are the sheets I’m going to cut to form into a deck.

The trampa street carver is the deck I’d like to get a similar shape out of the polycarbonate.

Here are the trucks I’m going to use.

Everything else is up in the air right now, I’m working on another build to get me to school, might use parts from that.

I’m no scientist, and am not sure if this will work but I look forward to testing it out.

Any thoughts, opinions or advice?


It’s been done see jelly skateboards, but you will probably want poly with UV protection and it may at some point develop stress cracks. They make the clear lego bricks from it but the other bricks are made from ABS.

Trampa ain’t saying what material they use but it’s not poly that’s for sure