Trampa | E-Toxx Direct drive | TB 6374 | Max6 | [EU] [sweden] SOLD

Hi guys

The board is up for sale again. I’m starting some new builds and looking to get the MTB off my hands.

See buildthread for info. Everything is included except the lipos. Might sell in parts it there is interest.

1400€. Buyer pays shipping. PM if interested.


How many plies is the deck, and what do you estimate is the shipping cost to California?

95662 is my US zip code (post code)

Hey dude!

17 ply. Would probably be atleast 200$.

Dare I ask how much for the direct drive, trucks and wheels(with tyres)?

Separately and as a package

Would probably sell it as a package only. With the modified trucks/springs/dampas and the Direct drive I would say about 600€

Including motors I would ask 700€.

I’m bumping this up again. Buy the whole board except the lipos for 1200€

Awesome board but my other projects are getting out of hand :wink:

Europe only.

Hi Smatter :

I’m looking forward to buy your trampa MTB direct drive. I’m driving now a trampa holly pro belt drive and need more power .

you still want to sell??

the delivery will be to spain . what’s the price for your mountainboard??

Hey dude!

Nice, shipping to Spain will be around 90€. I will have to check but the last time I sent a board to Spain it was 90€ :slight_smile:


The price is 1200€ plus shipping. Without Lipos.

Bump. Make a offer.

Hi Smatter : cant pay 1200 euros with no batteries on it!! can offer you 900 euros ., After all its used and i,m gonna have to buy new batteries & shipping costs!!

What did you think?? Dude

Dude! I thought what i thought, what did you think?


Still available?

Sorry. Sold