Trampa hanger problem

With my new set of ultimate hangers i have the same problem I had already with my mini vertigo trucks. The spacer for the bearing slides on the shaft, but after some days I can’t get them off anymore. The spacer moves only till this place. image Than get stuck. With my mini vertigo hangers I had that problem only on the rear truck, so I thought it’s maybe from too tight belt. Changed front with the back and losen the belt the max I could, but after some days the same. Now with my vertigo hangers I even didn’t ride them, only was staying on the board and rolling a bit in the flat without motors and belts. The same issue. I wanted to know if it’s a general issue with the 9mm hangers or maybe I just make something wrong? @trampa i already asked that in a other thread but didn’t get an answer.

One more thing I noticed. One shaft stays longer out of the hanger than the other side. Can this be an issue in future too? image image

Tools that can remove your spacer: Slide hammer with jaw attachement Pulley remover Heat the spacer(it’ll expand and fall off)


Looks like I need to get a pulley remover for the future. For the back spacer it would work. Problem just that the same happens with the front spacer. image There is no space to fit a remover inbetween. Good that I changed to superstar hubs. With them I can as min try to heat the spacer and hope i‘ll fall off

Yea I think the root of the problem is that those spacers are made out of a aluminum which is pretty soft and deforms under stress. I suppose this was trampas way of addressing the wrong size axle which is a pretty difficult problem to tackle. For that spacer in the picture, I would grab a pair of Vise grips and go to town. Twisting motion helps.


On the @Trampa equipment this issues tent to happen If you pay for the shipping, I can send a few mini Vertigo hangers for free. Since I’ve not been using those, have around 14 units still around.

Just DM with your address to check the shipping charges


Thx @Kaly that’s a very nice offer. But i‘m not going to use mini vertigo hangers anymore after one of them totally destroyed when my first board burned I switched to a set of infinity and a set of ultimate hangers. Should have changed to ultimate only…with them I don’t have problems yet and no spacers needed.

There is probably a little tiny scratch on the axle, preventing to slide the aluminium adaptor further to the side. If you take some fine sand paper (400 wet), you can polish the axle to remove the spacer. Heat helps as well, alloy expands quite a lot.

Other Truck: If the axle pin is not pushed all the way in, it is not tragic. It will still perform just fine. If you are not happy about that extra mm of axle length, please send us a mail to sort this out.

Thx for the reply. I‘m from Russia and a return would probably overcome the price of the hanger it’s own aaand I don’t wanna risc that Ted jump out of the window because i again write him that there is something not right with my stuff :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:

I know both of your “problems” :laughing:

Also my bearing conversion spacers didn’t fit on one truck. I did what Frank wrote (sand paper 400 wet). But as you wrote, it will get stuck again. The best solution is to order new bearings with 9.525mm inner diameter (Trampa or MBS). No more problems.

The axle shouldn’t be a problem. You could bridge the gap with a washer which fits on the bigger diameter at the end if needed.

I would inspect all your axle nuts :face_with_monocle: I damaged 2 threads before my first ride. I recognized that 2 nuts were damaged inside (like a cut in the threads). Maybe that was my fault, I don’t know. I have a feeling that stainless steel nuts also can damage the threads if you are not very careful.

Ordered some replacement nuts…

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That’s what you mean can happen if the nut threat is faulty :sweat_smile: Good hint from you, will check all my nuts now. I mean on all trucks :joy: Don’t wanna order more hangers than I really need…

I didn’t know trampa also have bearings with 9,25mm. Thought only 12mm and spacer. Think I need to have a look for this again. Really don’t like that spacer.

Damn you also deserve a title like “The thread fucker”!

Made pictures for reference, on the left side a normal nut (smooth edges), on the right side a bad one

214437 214837

One thing maybe is important, it’s best to use a tool where you can tighten the nut straight (black tool). If you use a tool like the silver one it can get misaligned during tightening. BTW I used the silver one when the troubles started, normally I use the black one. I hope you know what I mean.


Edit: look at the marked section, it’s like a small knife :hocho:


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Got it. if you screw down the nut till the nylon starts by hand, it already should be aligned enough that it doesn’t matter which tool to use to get the rest screwed down safely. But probably looks like not as we can see.

PS: thx for the compliment, but I think i‘m not yet up in the trampinator league :sweat_smile: will take me some more years destroying hangers I guess


yo can i grab 2 of those?

Sure man Dm me

Yeah, I had the same problem.

Fixed with vice grips and twisting counter clock.